Sunday, 15 June 2014

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Took a motorcycle cab to our accommodation @ The Reef Hotel. Only cost 50 baht / person (RM5)

It is a small cosy place. Just a place we need for an island trip. The receptionist is very friendly and helpful at all time.

You can also ask her for some movie cd which you can watch in the room if you just want to snuggle up in the room and eat some pizza.

The walkway to the rooms just beside the reception. I actually did not expect the place to be this nice. <3

There's also little chairs and tables outside each room in case we need to get some fresh air but there are actually quite a lot of mosquitoes outside during the night.

Two super single and one placed lower than the rest. Not sure why is that so but the bed on the lower level also feels harder. like a thin mattress on a wooden base. Definitely not comfy like the two super single  with thick mattress.

I quite like the wall colour and decorations though ^^  Brings some vibe to the room.

Take a guess which two items do not belongs there?

At the other side is some wall racks, a mini fridge, mini safe and a small rack.

A small garden / lawn at the center surrounded by the rooms. Behind the tree there's actually a staircase walkway to a porch overlooking part of the island.

The porch. Really cosy place in the evening when it is not too hot. Nice place to hangout with friends and drink some cold beer too.. If only the mosquitoes would go away..

The view. Not much of a view but at least something. lol.

Breakfast  is included every morning!

Probably would be better if they have a mini fridge there to keep the yoghurt cold.

Orange juice / Pineapple juice / Milk ? Your call :)

 Or maybe coffee / tea?

A breakfast set made with your choice of cooking. Sunny side up / scramble.... bacon / ham ?

I think my eggs looks plastic. o.O

My additional breakfast: Cuppa yogurt + Milk cornflakes + banana!

Also, the garbage truck comes around 8 a.m. in the morning. Not exactly. but around that time and it pass by us on both morning when we were having breakfast.. *swt max* There goes our appetite.

Here's a little kitten trying to wake up to the morning.

Since it's an island, we are definitely there for the beach and sun! For great convenience, they also offer beach towels which you can use and then leave at the laundry basket when you are back.

The only thing I didn't like is that during housekeeping, they do not clear the hair from the shower which will block the water flow and I find it kinda gross >.<

If you pretty much like what you see, make a booking with them!

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