Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I've been reading blogs since high school and I still love reading what people writes and looking at pictures that they post. They are all very creative, funny and witty writers while I'm still stuck here writing boring stuff.. and half heartedly stopping every now and then *failed look* but I'm making an effort to write more consistently now! But definitely need to put in more effort to write interesting stuff instead of boring stuff with ugly photos x.x *sad max*

Anyway, yea, I love reading blogs.. not all but quite a few which I keep going back frequently to. Surprising to many non-blog readers, some contents are actually very educational and knowledgeable. Hence, it actually gives me exposure although I'm just experiencing them through scrolling through this blogs. While getting these beneficial inputs, they are really good write-ups that lifts up my mood without me being aware of that.

It's like killing two birds with one stone. Something educational + relaxing. It's like combining the boring newspaper and the casual entertainment magazine.

It's a waste some good influential bloggers actually stop writing.Wondering if I have been reading so much about their 'expending family' stories that it's not such a scary thing to think about settling down and starting a family now.. o.o


To let my brother make-up for forgetting my birthday, I get to decide where to have breakfast! and to Le Moon's we went!

It's a new concept / cafe eatery in Kajang. Umm.. actually probably one of the very very few (countable with one hand) since we do not  have the privilege to have such cafes around.

Quite like the interior. Like Zakka setting but the furnishing seems so "hard" that the echo of conversations makes the place noisy like in Chinese restaurants when the place is full house.

Fun concept where they put all the menu into a small individual baggage! This is my second time here actually.

The first time I went there, they just gave me the baggage and leave us to consider. I had question marks all above my head.. ??? Hahaha.. We were there around 3pm but there was no food :( so we left the first time.

and I'm back again!

This time, they took the menu out of the baggage for us. Haha..

The menu is a small booklet with lots of yummy food graphics!

Very simple menu but the placing of category is a little confusing. Usually soup menu would be somewhere in the front but for this, it is somewhat near the end.

All food are so finely decorated, I couldn't decide which to order! Kind of makes it looks like fine dining but the place was decorated to look like cafe style. Like an identity disorder. Haha..

I would say most food are pricey, like in fine dining eatery. I settled for the XO Dory.

Tadaa! My XO Dory! The plate looks pretty empty but the portion is actually quite alright. Fillet is a little dry but I like the broccolli+garlic puree (I thought it was advocado puree XP ) that came with it and the little sides, a mushroom croquette and a goat cheese tortellini. RM16.

 It would have been purrfect if they could sustain the juiciness in the Dory and the plate came out warmer.

Just to show you another angle where the fillets are all hidden.

Spiced Alfredo - usually fettuccine tossed with Parmesan cheese and butter. Not sure if it is meant to be like this but I find it too bland for my liking. I can practically taste the fettuccine. I find the price tag a little too much over the top for this. RM21.

Caesar Salad + Chicken add-on. Salad went to hide and when they finally found it, we were done with the main course. Haha.. RM22.

After some long time after our order, my Dory came out but only that and we wondered why it wasn't the salad first. We checked with them and found out that the Salad order actually went missing from the order docket! *surprised face* That's why it came out last.

It taste like very ordinary Caesar Salad but I didn't really like what I see at the bottom of the Salad. These leaves look pretty dead to me. I would say freshness of ingredients + dressing is the key to a bowl of good salad.

After the long hours of waiting,  the empty menu ( almost everything was out of order. Really disappointed in this because it was just the beginning of lunch hour when we were there.) and the missing order, they made-up to us by offering us this Lemon Muffin.

We were actually contemplating if we should order a cup of coffee to go with the muffin. I jokingly told my brother that we would have been done with the muffin long time before the coffee arrives. True enough, it really took them sometime before serving the coffee ;D

Small cuppa flat white priced at RM 9.

Their bakery station and coffee bar. It said that everything is baked fresh everyday. Probably due to the small number of customers, they only make limited units everyday.

 And the bill came up to.. RM78.90!

I would say the food here are pretty good but I really dislike the waiting. We were there for about 2 hours and it was pretty noisy with so much conversations going on ever corner. Doesn't help with the boredom at all that there was no data signal in that area >.<

Perhaps they could think about getting land internet and offer free WIFI!~

They also sell Zakka items incase anyone is interested especially the pretty Washi Tapes!
True to the hours, Breakfast / Lunch / Light Dinner / Hearty Dinner is only available at the specific hours! So just check the hours before you go! Don't get dissappointed like my first time >.< Went all the way there and got nothing to eat -.-;;

You can find them at;

  • 18-G, Persiaran Jade Hills Utama 1/1, 
  • Commercial Village,Jade Hills
  • 43000 Kajang, Malaysia
  • Tel: 016-4412127 ; 0102899585



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