Saturday, 29 March 2014

Putrajaya 6th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014 is here!

I've always wanted to go to one but never got the right company. Especially for photo shooting.. So this year, die die wanna go and lucky to have a friend to go with! ^^

It started on Thursday and it is always best to go on day and time when most people are working! Less human traffic for me ^^ The more I get to enjoy it!

The balloons are usually set up from 7 a.m. in the morning and 6 p.m. in the evening due to the air pressure in the sky. Because it needs hot air to fly, it is best to fly when the weather is cold. But not during rainy and thunder days! Or else the balloonist have to go crazy trying to keep the radio and gps dry! And water gathering up in the basket doesn't help with the weight at all! Haha.. It is hilarious how they said it but definitely is dangerous!

Apparently only 200 people with dslr are allowed to get up close and personal into the balloon set up pit but I doubt so. Haha..

He's doing it really quickly! I'm kidding.. it's just my slow camera ;P

First to fly! Coz we're the host country!

First, you blow in the cold air..

Then you heat up the air!

The balloon is finally lifting and everyone's excited about taking picture of it!

Sorry for being lame. Can't help it! Lol..

I actually enjoyed taking shots of this balloon the most..coz there's less people and I love the colours!

It's really great to get to shoot pictures you like but it's really annoying that some photographers just bluntly get in front of me while I'm trying to get a shot. Hello? Am I invisible? If yes, I doubt I'll block your view.. Wtf..

Don't understand why they do not have respect for other photographers...

Darth Vader says,"I'll eat chu up!!!!"

So pretty, right?

The fire is crazy hot! Apparently the air inside needs to be 100 degree Celsius in order for it to float!So it's not true that we can actually make it out of recycle plastic bags O.O

Just like plane pilots, the balloonist (I like the sound of balloonist!) need to learn how to control the air balloon and get a license! Sounds really cool!

So beautiful inside!

There's even a moo! sponsored by Chu Lu Ranch in Taiwan. There's quite many from Taiwan. I think I saw three of them..

Can you imagine how big it is?

And the basket is up!

I bet it looks really awesome at night! The fire really enhance the colour of the balloon!

All ready to take off including the big ass bike!!

Hold it down! Hold it down! So fun to watch :D

And it's finally up in the air!

Pretty sights in the sky!

Superbike going up too!!

Does it makes you wanna fly too?

The humongous bike up in the air! Wonder how they did that! Must have been some crazy effort!

Awesome Q&A session! Most of the questions were asked by the kids though and they were really good questions!

So, how do you maneuver the balloons? Apparently, they can just control the up down of the balloon and to control the horizontal directions, they have to move their balloon up or down to the air moving directions which they want. It is kind of like each layer of the sky is moving towards different directions? Haha.. I'm really not sure about it...

There's actually a lot more activities going on there to fill up your day! This tricycle thing... bubble balloons, wall climbing, bazaar shopping and some game booth by Kakao Talk! It was a fun  and tiring day!

For those who missed out, they are still there till Sunday. So check them out on !



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