Friday, 7 March 2014

Let's go fishing!

Nah.. I'm not here to fish. I'm not a fishing person.

I'm just the fish eating person. Hence I'm here to eat! Lunch time!

Apparently this is the fishing pond but I've never see people fish here before. Perhaps it was too sunny when I'm here for lunch. Right beside this pond is where I had my foiled grilled food. Just a very simple open air set up with zinc roof above.

Sneak peak on the menu.

We ordered quite a number of dishes! In fact, dishes outnumbered us. Haha..

The cooking area is just as simple as this. Everything wrapped in foil and left to grill. Looks simple but they are super yummy!

Guess what's in there? No doubt it's yummy fish! Can't wait to eat!

This is clear steam. Taste really good because they are really fresh. I am actually quite picky when it comes to fish and would prefer pan fried because I would not be able to taste the unfreshness of it if the fish is not fresh. Anyway, for those who likes to taste the original fresh fish, this is your pick. :)

Tom Yam style or Asam style? I can't really differentiate from the picture because they look quite similar. Haha..

Yup, we actually had both of em' but I think Tom Yam taste better!

They also serve other dishes like this curry mutton. One of my favourite dish!

This too! Ginger stewed duck. Rarely get to have this else where.Those who have not tried this, this is a must!

Lastly, some healthy edition to the table! Mixed vegetable which consist of  lady finger, eggplant and onions! All of which are my favourites ^^

It's one of the lunch place to look out for if you are visiting Broga :) Great place for a group meal after visiting the Broga Temple / Broga Hill / Rabbit Farm.

They have a facebook too! You can check out this link for a picture of their menu and also their location ^^



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