Sunday, 16 March 2014

I can actually count with one hand how many times I have been to Parkamaya at Fahrenheit. Probably 3 or 4 times? Bet most of you did not even know this place existed!

This place which is at the top floor of Fahrenheit is actually quite a nice place to hangout. Something different for a change. Quite comfortable for a shopping trip I would say because it is not a crowded place. Can't say that about it in the future though!

I am guessing the anchor tenant on that floor is pretty much F Block. They have a huge range of accessories you can choose from and I would say affordable yet great fashion range clothings you can choose from. I actually bought quite a few items at very cheap prices!

A range of Lolita clothings for those who are looking for Japanese inspired doll and lacy clothing! shop your heart out coz the price tags won't scare you off, I promise. ;P

As I've mentioned just now, these are from F Block. A variety of simple printed T-shirts. Love the fact that it is not thick which is just right for the hot and humid weather in our country! With the haze now going on, you can actually imagine me melting while lying on the floor in my own home! That's how crazy hot it is! Who could resist these super ideal Tees!

One of their creative design! <3

A cute section for children clothing! No wonder it's so fun to dress up kids nowadays!

A wide variety of things you can shop on including hair and facial beauty products! Kinda look like a girl's one stop centre, huh? But they actually have a wide variety of items for pretty much everyone, including guys!

Cute dolls kids would bug you to buy or maybe gf bugging bf to buy coz they're just so huggable! Lol.. Who said dolls are just for kids? ;P

Fancy cute pails! Even if you do not have any need for them, you would feel like getting one or two, right?

Priced super cheap too! RM10.90 for 3! Now let's get to 'Name the price game'!

Super comfy sleeveless Tee! Guess how much?! Only RM20 for 2! Super bargain! Can't even get this kind of price and quality from the night market! Service at night market sux max =/ Bad experience, bad experience..

Goldfish or bird?

Printed-T + Denim Skirt = RM30 for two! You would not believe the price tag! Maybe they should name the place 'You would not believe the price tag' instead.

Got this linen short while mom got a blue stretchable pencil skirt. Both item, 2 for RM40 :)

Variable design clips at RM 19.90 for 3. Like it coz the plastic material is not those that would break easily when it fell to the ground. Can't really find these durable material around anymore.

Sparkly hair pins! RM1.90 for both! If i did not see it for my own, I would have said 'No way!'.

Now girls know where to shop for awesome and very affordable clothings!

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