Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Girls like flowers...
because they make girls happy.

The beautiful Azalea I bought from Ikea.. it looks like it's been hit by drought.. and I'm trying my best to save it. I thought I'm really bad with plants but a friend told me Azelea likes cold weather. Maybe it is the crazy heat here that's killing it. =/ and it's making me sad =(

Don't know since when it started. I'm posting more photos than words. My post seems more general rather than personal now. I guess when we grow up and when we are more aware of the surrounding society, we change. For me, perhaps in a way, I am more protective of myself?

When I was returning from the tyre workshop this afternoon, I kind of witness an accident. I was looking towards my left and I heard a loud bang on the right. What crossed my mind was an accident between two cars or a some sort like a lorry and a car. But what I saw is a car, a motorcycle on the ground and a high school student flung from the motorcycle to the ground. For a moment, the kid was not moving.  People nearby started to go over and assist the kid. It's a relief that kid was able to get up and wearing a helmet. 

It makes me think why I have no sense of safety when I drove at a young age. I guess it is because of lack of exposure and experience. What I meant is physical exposure and experiencing something that happened right in front of my own eyes. That is why there is so much courage and so little room for conscience.

Maybe that is why life is more dull too when we start to work. Well, that is if you are just like the majority of the working adults in this world. Chasing after materials and wealth in this rat race. We tend to be more afraid of many things, following the rules and regulations most of the time. Abiding by the rules as much as we can.

End of rant. Good night.



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