Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I had a fun and tiring weekend! Thank God for Labour's Day! ;D

Friend from Ipoh was in KL for some Toyota Award Dinner (congrats on getting the Exco Award!) and we decided on Publika since he's never been there and I wanted to go to the Fashion Bazaar. It's actually my 3rd time @ Publika!

1st time was because my brother's gf bought some dinner buffet voucher.. can't remember the name of the restaurant.. (doesn't matter since it's not really nice. haha. So don't need to  recommend)

2nd time, went to Profiterole (bought the Profiterole voucher as well.. *yummy*) during an outing for friend's birthday~

So this is the 3rd time! I went to park @ the shopping mall carpark and kind of disapointed with the arrangement of car flow area. Most of the time, you move all the way from one end to another because there's no driveway at the center to switch to another lane. Those of you who've never been to the carpark would not understand what I'm babbling about. lol. Anyway, we end up parking at the basement.

The 2nd time I was there, we went to have a walk at B.I.G. (Ben's Independent Grocer) and I find it unique that they actually have a cafe in there! It's called the Ben's General Food StoreSo I thought I'd try this time around.

The menu is pretty simple. Just one page that consist of Pizza, Salads, Hot Deli Items, Drinks & etc. To my dismay, there's no pasta *sad face*

This is how it looks like from my place. You can choose your salads and side dishes from the cold display bar thingy..

 That's Mary Berry on the left and Chunky Monkey  on the right.

Mary Berry was just meh.. normal but I like the Chunky Monkey! the mixture was awesome!

Then we ordered a Caesar Salad n a Half Spit Roasted Chicken with Two Side Dishes but there's no more roasted chicken unless we  want to wait for another hour. So I changed to Portobello Mushroom but they don't have that as well! *fumes* In the end, we took the Lamb Shank with One Side Salad.

I wanted to ask if we could change the side salad for another side dish since we already ordered a salad but the guy taking the order doesn't seem to get me. So frustrating because he kept telling me there's no more salad since I cancelled the Half Spit Roasted Chicken with Two Side Dishes. Zzz~ Guess what happened in the end? The Lamb Shank arrived first and when my friend asked about the salad, he said; in a minute. Just after a short while, the Caesar Salad came. My guess, he cancelled off our salad. *face palm*

Half way through the meal, there was a power failure. It feels like an assassination plot because our Ex-PM, Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi and family was there! Haha..

Anyway, I didn't enjoy the meal coz I can't accustom to the food there. Didn't like the Lamb Shank because it was not soft enough, the mashed potato which soaked the lamb shank was too watery and not rich in flavour. The Roasted Cod Fish & Pineapple Salad was just so-so.

Did not enjoy the Caesar Salad  as well. It came with two huge chunk of croutons (I prefer small broken down pieces), a piece of  beef bacon (I prefer shreds), a few pieces of Gruy√®re crips, a half hard boiled egg (very pale yellow egg yolk) and ofcoz pieces of lettuce! The dressing was abit too sour for me too.

So all in all, I rate this meal 4.5 (the extra 0.5 for the lovely milkshakes). Will my friend and I return for another meal, nah~

Next up! The Fashion Bazaar! He's never been to such event so I'm glad he liked it.

On the left, there's the Generation X & Y old school stuff.. Then there's the couple t-shirt stall on the right..

Did I see a Generation X badminton racket? is that what it is? My friend also saw a Kiddy Diary by MAS Airline he got for free when he was 10 y.o. selling for RM 10. Haha..

Very very cute and huggable bunny and cat softies from Kieperie Dolls! I'd love it so much if some one would give me the pinky bunny when I was a kid!

Polariods! They look so vintage!

Interesting art crafts! I only use grey colour clays last time! Now they have the colour plaster-like ones! Saves so much hassle of colouring~ But somehow, different outcome!

Pretty paperdolls! A woman who was browsing this stall told me they use to do this during their era! Draw their own paper dolls! I've only played with those commercially printed paper dolls. Haha..

DIY Digital Paininting! My friend bought one costing about RM 69! Wanna create a professional looking master piece but don't have the artsy brain? Try this! It's really fun! The smallest size cost about RM 18 if I'm not mistaken. It's a hot item in the market now!

Outside, there's more stalls! Mostly fashion blogshop stalls~ Don't really like purchasing online or without trying so I just browse through quickly.

There's a small stage there with local band performances from 2pm onwards~

Some artsy stuff outside the mall along the road.

The lovely classic huge disc player I've always liked! I want one that can still plays! <3

A graffiti bench? Can I still draw on it? Haha..

Got very thirsty after a long walk. End up at Ben's coz there's too many people at Plan B.  Their menu seems pretty nice! Gonna try Ben's or Plan B next time!

My first ever Red Velvet Cake! Taste just like what my friend describe it as : Red coloured sponge cake layered with choc ganache, coated with cream cheese on the outside. Taste alright but not gonna go into my ordering list. But I like how pretty it looks!

Love this drink! A total  thirst quencher! Even my friend wanna exchange his Heineken with me. Wadafuq.. I don't want your Heineken! Haha..

It's called the English Apple Freeze because it's a mixture of apple juice and also earl grey (english tea). Hence the name, I guess! Definitely recommend this drink!

Lastly, some live performance to go with out chilling moment before we head back home. *like*



  1. Plenty to buy and a place I must check out soon. Btw, the cake looks very tempting and delicious.

  2. I'm not sure when they usually have bazaar or if it's an every week thing but there's alot happening at Publika and it's definitely a nice place to chill... You really out to check it out ;)