Tuesday, 4 February 2014

When it's Chinese New Year, we throws away the old and buy the new!

Who would have guessed I'd buy an Azalea from IKEA.

The flower's so pretty, it's LOVE at first sight! <3

It's actually labelled as Plant Azelea rather than Azalea. I googled Azelea and it actually recommended Azalea. Though.. I remembered it spelled Azelea as well in school o.O

Anyway, I googled about Azalea and it gave me a lot of pictures that doesn't look like mine.. Mostly doesn't have gradient. So I really don't know which type is this. My guess, it's a hybrid! :O

Apparently, they are known as "The Royalty of the Garden"! I guess it does have the elegant royalty look. Haha..

This is not the flattering angle but I just want to show the flower :) Most of them are still in buds. So am waiting for them to full bloom! Think it needs a trim as well. Haha..

Pretty? Love the colour ^^

Got it for RM15.90 excluding pot. There was just 2 left..

Care label (saying it like it's from a shirt. lol) says...

-Low to moderate light. Keep out of direct sunlight.
- Keep soil evenly moist at all time. Ensure water flow without retaining it.
- Fertilizer once in 3 weeks.
-Watering once in 2 days.

I think it's really helpful and convenient that that provide care directions as well. 

Very thoughtful of them! ^^


Before I end the post, just want to share this with you guys!

With Facebook's 10th Anniversary, Mark & team came up with some personal slide for everyone on fb :D



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