Monday, 24 February 2014

Morning! Rise and shine!

What do you do first thing in the morning? Breakfast of course! But we went for a swim first instead. Lol!

Gorgeous direct sea view.

Cool thing is, there are a lot of trees everywhere in this resort. Hence, there's no hot sun :) Love the natural shades!

Now we go for breakkie! It's complimentary breakfast for the three of us. So it's really cool ^^ The choices offered are not bad. Western breakfast or Asian breakfast or both! Your choice.

Here I had pasta, pancakes, sausages and sunny side ups! Yumm!

This is like the Thai pancake. Similar to Malaysia's Roti Pisang. With strawberry jam!

Ham, pan-fried tomato, sunny side up, pan fried bread slice soaked in battered eggs, sausage again and mashed potato! Too much eggs? but I love eggs! and they are not like those that we have here... pale yellow egg yolks =/ Love those rich yellow egg yolks!

View of the open area for dining. With Secret Cliff Seaview! Totally buying their relaxing concept!

Covered dining area. Still get the seaview..

After breakfast we went looking for a good beach.. Before we found any, we just stop by some stall along Kata Beach for a drink of Coconut and we saw this cute cat sleeping. Definitely enjoying the sea breeze! Awww...

Looks like a lot of fisherman boats. Didn't know that people there still go out to fish. Probably for the local island demand.

Then we reach this place called Karon View Point. It obviously offers a nice view at a high peak cliff. Surprisingly, it was not that windy.


Many people stop by for a picture with the spectacular view.

Finally, we found a nice beach! Should be Karon Beach. The waves were crazy though! It was monsoon season when we were there.  Around early October. Not really the right time for a beach trip I guess.

A full Panorama! Cool or not! Click for full view. I can't really remember how much each chair rental cost. Around 100 baht to 200 baht? Well, it's something we have to pay for.

There is a public toilet behind those food stalls and it is really clean! Makes me happy. Haha. cost maybe 20 baht or more. Can't remember.

After the beach is ofcourse food! Cold strawberry shake and pizza! Just something to battle our hunger while we hunt for food at the town.

Saw this shop with little stalls and a lot of people. Our thought; many people = good food. To be honest, the food are yummy! Just that they are all vegetarian. Haha. As I have mentioned earlier, there is a festival going on and many Thai people are on vegetarian diet.

Yummy noodles with vegetarian imitation Char Siew. Looks like the real thing?

There was also a market nearby. Selling all vegetarian food. We bought mango rice there. Super cheap and yummy! We actually had it back in the hotel after we came back from dinner. We left it in the fridge and only remember about it when we came back. So when we took it out, the white santan to be poured on the mango rice looks all gooey. Lol. If you understand what I meant :p

 Looks interesting? That's the thing that teased my curiosity and make me finally bought and try it. Taste like Orangy and Lime. Quite thirst quenching. Just what I needed.

No.6 Restaurant. Very very famous. However, it's sad that we lost our ways again before we finally found it. It is funny that most local people do not know about this restaurant. Maybe because it is just a tourist place. The food taste super authentic and delicious! Did I mention super affordable too! We ordered like 6 - 7 dishes and the bill came out less than 1000 baht. There is a lot of crowd though. Go early if you are hungry.

Tom Yam Goong and sweet sauce lamb.

 Satay and Green Curry.

This is the HAPPENING road. Crazy loads of people on the road and lots of bars on both side. We were lucky to bump into a dragon and lion dance too!

Look! I spotted a Japanese Lucky Cat in Thailand!

Dessert at Haagen Dazs. Hmm.. did not really enjoy this though. Taste tad bit too sweet for me and they look melted when they arrive.. It is weird but it is so hot in there. Perhaps the main ventilation in the mall has been turned off.

Wondering what is that placed on the car hood? Well, it is like an advertisement board. They place it there while you pump you car.  Looks old school but cute. Haha..

If it happens here, I might get annoyed ;P

That was all to share! Just a very simple trip to spend time and hang out.

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