Thursday, 6 February 2014

My second loss. 

The second one I've chosen to place close to my heart.

Bobo, born on the 9th Sept 2009 and left on the 30th Jan 2014. Barely 5. A little too early for me to accept him gone. Just like the first one, I was not able to be by his side when he decided to leave.

Although everyone would tell me that it's God's will and there's nothing we can do to change the reality, it hurts a hell lot to think about it. 

If only the vet diagnosed his sickness correctly on the first visit to the vet.
If only I was there with him at the vet to hear what the doctor has to say. 
If only I knew it was not fever.
If only we didn't send him to the Tmn. Segar Vet on Wednesday.
If only...

Bobo, I miss you... much.

Everytime I think about you, I had to hold back my tears.

If only we didn't send you to the vet, you could have just leave peacefully at home. I would have more time with you. You were always so afraid of strangers, afraid of the world outside, it hurts so much to leave you there and know you have to leave the world in such a place.

My mistake. My regret.


When I first saw you, you caught my eyes and got my heart locked on you. You have the most beautiful grey colour coat I've ever seen and your blue eyes were just so mesmerizing I could not stop looking at them. To top it off, you were the mischievous little one. 

When it was time to give away your siblings and you, I am so ever grateful that no one has chosen you and that you get to retain here in my home with me.

The cute looks.


The blue eyes.

You want to be a photographer, huh?

Milk time!

Brotherly love! Even when he was all grown up, he love to go to Bobby but Bobby dislike having Bobo near to him.

The only two adult photo I have of Bobo. Thank God I sent a copy to my friend and was able to retrieve it back from him after I lost my phone.


 He's small, skinny and light and I love him just the way he is. His fur so soft.. I swear if he's a girl I would have him sleep with me every night! <3
(guys are only allowed outside the house )

Two short slide for my boy;


Bobo, thanks for all the moments I had with you.
You will always be in my heart and I will always love you.




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