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Finally I have some time to do a proper post since my disappearance during Chinese New Year :O but this is also so last year. Lol.


End of the year is always the time when friends from oversea come back for a "holiday" (since they don't really reside here long term anymore. haha). Last year, we decided to go on a trip. To one of the local beach but it was freaking costly. So costly we decided to go to Phuket instead which was cheaper with the flight ticket included!

In about less than 1 hour after I hop off the plane at LCCT (just touch down from Japan flight), I hop on another plane to Phuket. Sounds like a pretty crazy plan but trust me, it was an accidental arrangement. I thought the flight to Phuket was the next day after I arrive from Japan. Anyway, thank God everything went smoothly and I made it for the flight :)

Another crazy fact is that I have not showered for more than 24 hours since I checked out. Hence, the shower when I reach Phuket was heavenly! Lol. Sorry for the disgusting fact. Let's move on to the trip instead.

We booked Flight + Hotel through AirAsia Flight + Secret Cliff Resort. Cost about RM 633.33 per person! Cheap or what?! Our initial destination would cost us about RM1k each not including transportation. Crazy or what?! Ofcourse we would go to Phuket instead!

Moving on...

View from the plane... could see there's a lot of beautiful Islands around! Am glad buddy did all the arrangements from car rental to sightseeing planning!

The airport was pretty far away from the town and our resort. First stop was actually to try some famous noodle shop but end up, it was not open for the day. Reason due to some festival going on and most people are on vegetarian diet that day.

Too hungry we ended up at McD McThai. Their breakfast set is always the best! Yum! Sausage McMuffin with Egg! But then again, it would be better if they have Malaysia's Breakfast set pricing as well..

 Cost 116 baht (RM11.6) per set! :O Pretty costly!

 Sawadeeka Mc.Thai!

My Thai slipper! Lol. Pretty cheap and durable! Is still wearable till today! My friend chipped in to bargain and the lady gave a disgusting look and scolded him in Thai. lol.

Nice? Floral Pattern to match the beach-y holiday! ~

We actually went to Tiger Kingdom before heading to our hotel since it was on the way. At first I thought it is some kinda Tiger Show. Lol! when we are there, I realize it is actually a Tiger Petting Zoo. I do feel tempted to enter even though it is quite costly but then, I did not want to donate to such organization that treats these animals like these. God knows what they did to the tigers. Maybe drugged them to be more tame? :O Let's hope it's not like what I thought!

Finally, we are at our Secret Cliff Resort! So secretive it wasn't in the map and no one at the airport knows where it is! Kind of freaked us out for a bit.

That's the temporary reception under the shade. Think this resort is still quite new. Maybe less than 5 years? But it is doing well and expanding. New structures were being built when we were there.

After checking in and having a nice shower, we head out for lunch! Somewhere near Club Med... I think?  What's a holiday in Phuket without having their beer? Chang Beer or Singha Beer. Must try! You could even buy the shirt with their logo as souvenirs! It's a famous one. Haha.

Let me see if I can search for the place... Yup, found it. Should be Ging Restaurant. Scroll down here and you will be able to find it.

Anyway, not recommended. Although it looks yummy. Let's just say the look can be deceiving. The prawns were super not fresh, the food not delicious at all and the price were not cheap either. Even local mamak food here taste better. Definitely not worth the visit.

Next up is the Big Buddha! It was still under construction when we visited. Probably will take a few more years. They are still taking in donations if any of you feels like donating :)

There was a girl at the entrance lending out scarfs n Sarongs for people whose clothing they deem not respectful to the temple; like tank tops and short pants.. I definitely fell into that category..  :O Not that I don't respect these holy places but I didn't know we are going to such places. >.<

I took quite a number of panorama pictures in Phuket. Kind of addicted to it. The Buddha Statue looks really nice ^^ It was on top of a hill. A windy spot with breath taking view. Nice.

 View from top.

Another view from top.

Little bells hung along the way on the stairway. I like how random and simply it was hung.

Night time swim at Infinity Pool! Haha.. Seriously, the pool is just on the cliff. Super awesome ^^ Makes me kind of miss swimming now that I don't have access to the pool all the time anymore. Think we went swimming 3 times when we were there. Haha..

Was suppose to find this place for dinner on the first night but it was raining and we would not find the place at allllllll! I mean we are at the right area, right spot but we just could not find the Restaurant. It's weird.

We end up at this restaurant with nice setting. Food was just nice. Nothing really to boast about. I think they focus more on presentation of food. Price is definitely higher than moderate shops. I'm a little strict on the pricing because things are cheap in Phuket unless you go to touristy spots like Bangla Road. But then again, not exactly. I'll let you know why in the 2nd post.

First dish - Seafood curry. Second dish - Green Curry Chicken

Third dish - Steamed cod-fish, chili-lime dressing. Fourth dish - Grilled lamb chop marinated with lemongrass and tomato salsa. Fifth (dessert) - Mango Sticky Rice spring roll with flamed mango and sesame ice-cream.

If you're interested for some fine dining in Phuket, this would be quite nice though. Here for more info.

That's all for the first day. Oh, I also found Meiji's milk at their 7-11! So awesome! How come we do not have it here =/ *sad*

Anyway, this is the end of the post. Hope it is not too dry and that you guys enjoy reading :)

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