Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hi there...

How are you?

Are you prepping up for Chinese New Year?

Somehow, things have not been smooth sailing for me. Felt like a lost sheep that keeps walking around and bumping into walls..


Jojo was back from Johor for the weekend and we gathered for a short day one. Seraph suggested ABC and we're like... what ABC? We're like to ulu (village idiots) .. hahaha..

ABC's actually short for Acme Bar & Coffee. It's located in The Troika near KLCC. So that's the place you should look for in your navigation map.

That's first dish. I'm kidding. Haha.. First thing I notice when I stepped in was.. great interior. Love the calm yet relaxing set up. So can't resist a selfie =X

There was an extremely long queue when we arrived and mind you, we already had friends waiting there for at least an hour. (Better call up and book if you are going) Hence, visit to the washroom first. Everything looks great in the toilet too and it doesn't stink at all but what I didn't like is.. there's no separation between ladies' and gents'.

Somehow, it just doesn't really feel right.

Took this picture because I'm too bored while waiting for a table. Maybe that's the lady boss. I have no idea but I absolutely love the shelves! and the semi clear glass shelve doors! Don't you?

That's part of their bar where they prepare the drinks and also some tables inside..

Finally we gave up and opt for the outdoor tables. It doesn't look hot from the picture but believe me. You would not want to sit under the sun and enjoy your breakfast/brunch in the outdoor  pretending like you are in Australia where there's cool breeze or at least lower temperature.

We actually tried to sit under the sun with proper chairs and table under the sun but seriously, it's unbearable. So we end up waiting for those tables under the shaded tree but it didn't make much difference either as the tree was not big enough to give us proper shade.

Finally, to the menu! Here's a sneak peek at the menu. Apparently the best thing is to order their Acme Breakfast set. Their breakfast set didn't really interest me though.. Maybe it's because I have had better one at Antipodean. Will introduce that place later on although I'm sure a lot of people know about that place. It's not new anymore. Anyway, I will talk about it later.

Drinks menu.

More beverages and desserts.

Can't remember what this is but it's like bits and pieces of hash brown. Taste just ordinary. Nothing fancy about it. Doubt we ate 'em all up.

This is the Acme Breakfast Set. 2 slice of bread loaf + 2 triangle hash browns + scrambled egg + 2 Cocktail Sausages + Half vege..  

Beefy Eggs Benedict! Not that delicious as the Hollandaise sauce is too sour. Also, it's beef. Hence, not an option for people like me who don't consume beef. If you would like to try Eggs Benedict, I think the best place to have it is at Plan B.

I ordered this. Tuna Melt Sandwich. It taste moderately fine. I find it a little too dry. Bread is dry, tuna is not moist.. toasted cheese is well, dry as well.. So yea, perhaps they could add in some more dressing ..

To be honest, it was one of the most uncomfortable breakfast we have ever had. The heat was kind of unbearable and we actually sweat while having our breakfast. So you can imagine.. I even had a slight sunburn even though we sat under the tree with rays of sunlight peeking through.

They really ought to place bigger umbrellas above the tables and seats because the trees are definitely not doing a good job.

For me, I doubt I would recommend and go back for a second time unless my friends want to, I would just have to tag along and give it another try.

Lastly, I think it's a tad bit over rated. The crowd was crazy during the weekend.

Unit G1 The Troika
19, Persiaran KLCC
50450 KL
+603 - 2162 2288

Before I end the post, saw this cute Mini Reindeer! Cute right? Lol!



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