Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Been so demotivated to blog lately but will try to clear off these travel post of last year! *face of horror* Yes, guilty as charged for delaying my Bangkok post till now.. *guilty face*

So there are a lot of cafe and yummy food chains here in Bangkok. All look really good and inviting! While going around the "food floor" at Siam Paragon, we stumble across this Pancake Cafe. It was really packed with customers and we had to wait for a bit before we could get a table.

Although this guy's face is not very friendly or inviting, the pancake taste otherwise. Please forgive his expression. He probably had a very busy and tiring day flipping so many pancakes to serve us. Haha..

This cafe practice an open kitchen concept. I like open kitchen concept because it keeps us relieved knowing that our food were handled with much care and cleanliness. Other than that, it is something to entertain while we wait for our order, right?

I just ordered the plain and basic one because to know if the food is good or not, always go back to the basics! So here's my fluffy pancakes finally! Each and everyone of them taste really soft, fluffy and warm! Not a bit soggy! 

They were not super exceptionally yummy till my taste buds exploded but it does make you melt a little at every munch~ Besides this, of course they do have other choices in the menu such as those topped with delicious ice-creams and fruits!

So if you would like some good pancakes, head on to Pancake Cafe @ Siam Paragon in Bangkok!

Pancake Cafe @ Siam Paragon

a: Dining Paradise 3rd Floor Paradise Park / 1st fl. Nawamin City Avenue / The Circle Ratchapruk / Siam Paragon G-Floor

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