Thursday, 16 July 2015

Still wondering why I did not take a picture of the cafe and environment but nevermind! The food here is too good not to be shared! This chain of milky indulgence in pretty much one of a kind and the one of the best I ever had! Farm Design is a cafe dessert chain in Bangkok where the milk they use to make desserts and make your white coffee are all the way from Hokkaido, Japan!

What does this says? It tells me that they are using one of the most delicious and awesome milk from Japan! Everyone knows that whatever comes from Japan, they are most probably one of the best!

When I saw this cafe, I got automatically sucked in! the wooden interior and furnishing looks so pretty together with the dessert and beverages which they serve! Best of all, they have matcha desserts and these little green goodness can never go wrong when coming from Japan! Matcha desserts are my utmost favourite but not many people actually knows how to come out with something good when matcha is one of the ingredient! don't you agree?

Prices are pretty much affordable and just right. Their Original Yoghurt Rare Cheese are priced at 65baht while their Matcha Cheesecake are priced at 125baht.

Yogurt Rare Cheese (Original) Pudding (65baht)! Time to dig into to their milky goodness! So soft and smooth, they seems to be really fresh! A little bit of sourness and rich in cheesy taste! Can even bring back this cute bottle~

Hokkaido Cheesecake (95baht)! The whole piece is rich with dense cheese. I love these savoury cheesecakes which is thick with cream cheese instead of those which feels more of flour. Cake is also baked and then chilled instead of some which feels really soft and jello where they either do not bake or just bake the cake for a bit. Worth every bit paid for this cake!

Matcha Lava Cake (95baht)! This has got to be my favourite! It is always chocolate lava cake. Rarely come across a Matcha Lava Cake, which is also super good! 

The cake was heated up for a while before being served. As I dive my spoon into the lava cake, the melted lava inside started to flow and it gets me excited! First scoop into me mouth and it's foodgasm, with the matcha lava slowly flowing to the side. Every munch combine the cake and the lava perfectly! You just have to try it for yourself! Currently, only in Bangkok!

I did not order any of their drinks as I just had my meal before my visit to Farm Design but I got to say they are just so tempting! There's a variety of Frappe and they are priced from 70baht to 115baht.

Sometimes, they do offer some special flavours and they are just limited for a perod of time. Am specially in love with the Sakura special! Wish I was there when they have the specials =/ Oh well, just got to try it again when I'm back there ^^

Here's are other variety of drinks which you can check out. They have varieties from hot mint latter, hokkaido slurpee to raspberry fizzy. There's probably a choice for everyone! 

don't forget to visit when you are there or else you will regret it!

Farm Design @ Terminal 21

a: Thenine 1st Fl. / Terminal 21 4th Fl. / Central Plaza Rama9 1st Fl. / Central World 7th Fl. / Central Plaza Ladprao 2nd Fl. / Central Plaza Bangna 5th Fl. / The Mall bangkapi 1st Fl. / Fasion Island B Fl. / Silom Complex B Fl. / Central Pinklao 1st Fl. / Central Rama2 4th Fl. / Central Salaya 1st Fl. / The Jas Wang-Hin 1st Fl. / Robinson Chachoengsao 1st Fl. / The Crystal SB Ratchapruek 2nd Fl. / Pacific Park Sriracha 3rd Fl.

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