Sunday, 6 July 2014

When you are upset, nothing is beautiful.

Flip your frown upside down for the world is beautiful.


A weekend trip to Sekinchan! Woohoo! The land of crazy selfie and photography with the very photogenic paddy field sceneries! Haha..

Thanks for friends who planned a trip to Sekinchan for the weekend. A short gathering trip but a really enjoyable one with the companions and all the greeneries away from the city! Not really all greenish la because it was kinda harvest season when we were there. So better check the seasons when you go or end up taking picture with the browns! Lol.
 The weather was pretty hot but the sky looks pretty!

On the way to our accommodation for the night, we passed by a Paddy factory, Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan Sdn Bhd and a friend casually remarked, I wouldn't visit these places. It makes sense because most of these commercial places seems to be asking for more money that their ticket is worth. Anyhow, we still ended up there. 

But then the ticket here isn't expensive. Just RM 4 for a paddy plantation process explanation, Paddy Museum and you get to check out the factory too! I think? ... Apparently, they will also give out a packet of rice worth RM4 when you buy the ticket (not sure if this still applies). So you basically get to check out the place for free! ^^ It kind of impressed me that they are just charging RM4 for this and there was no hard selling. *thumbs up for the good work and effort*

We just linger around for a bit and shopped for packets of Rice and Mee Sua (Rice Flour noodle?). A friend who have been eating a brown rice brand that was sold there told me that the price is really cheap there. So it's a must to shop there! The rice looks really good too!

I bought a packet of Mee Sua and tried cooking it at home. It was really delicious and does not goes soft like most of the type we get from the supermarket.

For those who are interested, this is the direction map, or easier, you could just search the name of it on googlemap or waze. More info on the paddy factory here;

 Just a short visit to the factory and we spend about two hours near sunset taking all the pretty pictures!

We were at first afraid of rodents and snakes which might lure among the paddy fields but we then we came to our senses and just dived into the paddy field and keep snapping away! So many other people have been moving around the place before us, whatever small animals that was once there would have been frightened away by all the human actions and loud noises, right? Make sense?

Taking the Bros photo. Haha.

Great place to take landscape photos. Any shoot will turn out to be like a pro. Lol.

Skies like this makes my heart skip a beat!



All taken just with Samsung Galaxy S3. Told you all photos turn out good here. Haha..

I know all these photos probably enticed photography lovers to make a visit there but please be aware when looking for a place to stays! It is common for these environments to accommodate to large group of birds. Crazy hell we even saw a pair of young Hornbills in the surrounding of the place we stay!

I got to warn you guys for one very important thing you have to take note of! On the way to our accommodation, I saw lots of single buildings constructed to accommodate the nesting birds. It is one of the money making industries for Chinese where they harvest this  one type of bird's nest which is made out of the bird's saliva. It is said to contain a high value for certain nutrition which can make one stay youthful.

Birds are usually seen as harmless but they actually carries a lot of mites in their body.

I was  kinda shocked when I saw the accommodation we were going to live in. Right behind our 4 floor apartment a bird housing is attached. It wasn't small. Infact, it was quite huge. 4 floors as well and about 2 times deeper than our apartments. Having not experience such things as bad as Bird mite bites, I made a wrong move by sweeping it off my shoulder and enjoy that one short getaway.

It was so wrong! Few days after we were back from Sekinchan, a friend shared some pictures in the group chat. She asked if anyone has gotten these marks on their body. Then, I finally realised that this one mark under my arn looks exactly the same as one of hers! It was itchy and seems like fluid filled bump. Those that you got when hot oil sparked onto your skin. If I'm not mistaken, it was a bird mite bite mark. >.< 

Feeling crazy horrible, it reminded me of the bird nest behind the apartment! Our room was actually near the back and we did open the window briefly as it was sooo windy at the balcony! 2nd wrong move x.x

I googled it and apparently the symtoms kind of confirmed it as bird mite bites instead of bed mites. I consider myself a really lucky victim because I've only got one bite but I think it also escalted to my body which matched at the same position when aligned with my arm.

Something I googled about on the mites: 

The watery bump dried off but the skin was flaky and scarred even though I did not scratch it frequently. This was after 3 weeks. I'm wondering if I should go get a medication and apply on it still because the dryness does not seems to be going away. :(

This is the apartment where we stayed at. I would not recommend anyone to stay here at all for hygienic reasons. I'm sorry I am making things difficult for this owner but for serious safety reasons, the owner is very much at fault as well and to be honest, not very responsible for tenant's safety.

Other than this, it was very much a fun and relaxing trip!  Have fun!!

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