Friday, 11 July 2014

Do not turn other people's strength into weakness so that you could feel strong around them.


Finally I get to try the much raved about Boat Noodle! 

Taking a #klcafehop break (a break from coffee, not a coffee break. lol) and tasting some yummy food for a change!

The first time I tried my luck was on a Sunday night (if I'm not mistaken - sorry for the lousy memory) and the place was super crammed with people eating AND also people queuing up! Believe me, there are as many people queuing up as there are people slurping away! The place also close up surprisingly early.

This time, I'm a little smarter. Visit on a WORKING day and also BEFORE lunch hour! Smart right? Still, there ware some people queuing when I was there. Lucky me, small pax get to go in first! Yay!

Don't know why I always take photo of menu. Think it is because everytime I googled for food, I tend to look for menu of that place. At least it tells me what's there to order and also the pricing. Makes me happy :)

So this is actually a restaurant that gives you more drink choices than food. Should be called Boat Drinks instead. I'm just kidding! Haha. 

So it's basically Beef or Chicken in Dry or Soup. So simple, I like. Don't have to spend so much time deciding what to eat or was it that you can decide to eat ALL of the food in the menu because the portions are so small? Either way, it's a superb idea!

The set up is made to be like very vintage and asian. Place is small but not too cramp till you will knock into other people and feel uncomfortable because your table is too close to another table. As busy as the place seems, it is actually quite comfortable.

The portions are so small, it really allows us to try whatever we want in the menu! Having dessert before our main. Haha.. Thai Pandan Dessert - Ka-Nam Tuay. Actually taste like Malay Kueh Pelita that I always look out for in Makan Place during the Puasa month when I used to work in Midvalley. This is delicious but the texture is harder and rougher compare to the Kueh Pelita I had which was soft and smooth! So yummy!

The noodle finally came! Five bowls to start it off!

Can't take beef so I ordered Chicken Noodle in Dry and Soup! Started with the soup first because it looks so delicious! Wrong choice! Should have started with the dry first because the soup obviously taste better! 

Dry taste pretty normal like Chinese Dry Noodles with a tint of sour lime juice to perk the taste. The soup base is also little sour-ish with some assam taste and it goes really well with the strong aroma of these chopped up chinese parsley which I really love! Yum! so super appetizing! No wonder everyone can't stock stacking their bowls!

Actually... two of us just had one bowl coz it was so pricey. RM1.90 for a mouthful of noodle.






I'm just kidding! It would be a joke if a table or two just ordered a bowl of noodle which is just a mouthful of noodle! Haha.. Honestly, the soup base is very appetizing and eating here is not for the sole purpose of filling your tummy but to enjoy the mouthful of yummilicious goodies!

Thinking back makes me salivate...

Boat Noodle
G3A, Empire Damansara, 
Jalan PJU 8/8, 
Damansara Perdana.



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