Thursday, 26 October 2017

I came to Singapore hunting for a variety of Japanese / Matcha desserts and Matchaya was my last stop before crossing over back to Malaysia. I stumble across this brand on their instagram and it all looks so good to me! So let's see how it fare!

 // Matchaya Tea Drink and Premium Choco Menu //

  // Matchaya Soft Serve Cream and Cup Menu //

  // Matchaya Parfaits Menu //

Matchaya menu has an impressive wide range of selection which makes it quite hard for me to decide! They have a range from soft serve, parfaits, warabi mochi to even fondues! I was quite interested in their Fondues and Kaiseki selection but I ended up trying something else. Talk about decisions! Haha..

  // Matchaya Warabi Mochi & Shiratama Menu //

  // Matchaya Fondue Menu //

 // Matchaya Kaiseki & Kakigori Menu //

The item which I ended up ordering are ofcourse what I am holding. Haha. My decision was to try out the matcha flavour and also a combination which I am curious about. On my left is a cup of iced matcha + yuzu and on the right, a matcha and black sesame soft serve twist top with two pieces of mochi and kinako powder.

Verdict, the sesame flavour was really rich and strong, overpowering the mediocre matcha flavour on the soft serve. Even when I tried the matcha flavour on it's own, the flavour was not rich but just mild. I did not really favour the topping which I was eager to try out. The kinako powder was really fine and if not careful, it's bound to cause a choke. Sad to say that the kinako powder did not really levitate the flavour or the soft serve.

The iced matcha + yuzu gives a slight sourish lift to the matcha flavour, like a lemony iced matcha drink. It was an average combination where I actually prefer to have it individually instead of combined in a cup. 

Overall, both that I've tried from the menu is not something I would recommend. There is still much room for improvement because Yuzu and Matcha is a flavour which is really delicious is Japan and they can definitely do better than this.


a: The Cathay, Level 1 1pm-10pm daily , Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.
h: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

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