Friday, 31 March 2017

道頓堀 Dotonbori is full of iconic 3D figurines on their shop signboards. These fun and eye-catching figurines plus bright LED signboards makes the place like a fun theme park, or maybe this is where young adults hangout for fun. ^^ They get a lot of  awe attention from first time visitors including myself.

There's this chain, かに道楽 Kani Douraku which has a huge 3D crab icon on the signboard, it's hard to be missed! I'm pretty sure it provides some really good and authentic taste of japanese crab cuisine! Why the confidence? Well, because there's 3, yes there's THREE outlets on the same lane in Dotonburi! I never got to try it but I definitely will make it a must visit during my next visit! 

Kushikatsu Daruma is also a chain of stores famous for their three flavour kushikatsu; original sauce, coating and good oil. It is also available at the busy street of Shinsekai.

The street is packed with people almost all day around especially during nights but it is still comfortable enough for a stroll. The eateries are mostly full if not packed. It is a great place to explore as they have stores selling different types of items to cater to most patrons. 

Shopping for omiyage? They have it here too! As I have said of the local Japanese omiyage culture, that is why you don't only find foreigner tourist in the shop but also a lot of local patrons. I find it really fun to shop and also to receive omiyage because they are all made so unique and outstanding in their own way that it's interesting to find out what's that different omiyage that I will encounter this time around, kind of like a treat injected with "fun".

It's Takoyaki again! くくる 本店 Kukuru Honten is said to be serving the best Takoyaki in Dotonbori. Right inside is a hidden Expo café in the first basement floor exhibiting about local food! Do check it out if you happen to be there. It should be an interesting sight to understand more about the local cuisine :)

大阪王将 Osaka Ohsho beats all the other contestants and gets my visit for the night! Haha.. The first floor is a standing gyoza bar where price are at a discounted rate in comparison with the restaurant rate which is on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Standing eateries might be a new idea for some of you but it has been around Japan for quite some time. It promotes food at a cheaper price for a quick and less comfortable meal.

// Pan fried gyoza ¥220 for 1 person portion (6 pieces) //

// Set of Fried Rice + Chasu Ramen ¥890 //

The gyoza seems to be relatively cheap at ¥220 only for 6 pieces! Taste wise, everything was pretty standard and normal, nothing to highlight. I would label it as an asian fast food place with the type of food served and the environment of the place. Nothing to complain about if you're not too fussy and just want to get a standard meal to fulfill your hunger :)

After filling up our tummy, we went to meet the famous Running Man! No, it's not the Korean but the Japanese. Haha. The LED Glico Running Man Signboard can be said to be the most iconic in Dotonburi and most people make it a must to take a photo with him! *mission accomplish*

Do take a walk on the street of Shinsaibashisuji as it is another well-known shopping street just beside Dotonbori. We came across a mini truck selling charcoal sweet potato and just could not resist getting it in this chilly weather. *yums* 

Some beauty items which I got from the Cosme Store which sells a variety of beauty products as well. They update the best 10 recommended item from time to time to introduce the most sought item at that time. 

Shopping never ends in Japan! <3

Here's a short list of links on Dotonbori which I have compiled for your convenience;
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