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Hello there from Osaka! I was madly in love with the weather here in Osaka. It was slightly chilly on a sunny and cloudy day. The blue sky and puffy clouds just brighten my morning~ *cloud nine mood*

Beware: this is going to be quite a long post!

Start the day with instant ramen, half slice of salmon and a cup of coffee which I bought from the 7-Eleven convenient store the previous night. Everything was delicious! <3 

It's the third day and our plan was to visit 新世界 Shinsekai! We took a train ride to 恵美須町駅 Ebisuchō Station and took a 3 minutes walk or less to the place.

This 新世界 Shinsekai district contain stories back to the war era. It is known as the "Osaka New World" and constructed in reference to Paris for the northern half and Coney Island from New York for the southern half. The 通天閣 Tsūtenkaku tower, a well-known landmark of Osaka was built back in 1912. However, the one which we are seeing now is actually a second built in 1956 where the first was demolished during WWII.

Hence, on the way to the center, I actually passed by all the old stores along the way and also in alley ways which splits from the main. Old designs, rustic metals and old way of merchandise placements can be seen with low lighting in the stores.

// Exit  / Entrance of Osaka Shinsekai // 

Right before going under the 通天閣 Tsūtenkaku tower, I came across this 串カツ Kushikatsu / 串揚げ Kushiage outlet with lots of people lining up for it! Kushikatsu, being one the the Osaka specialty, is like super duper famous here in this district! Every kushikatsu store I came across, it was holding a long line of hungry patrons!

Kushikatsu is a Japanese dish of deep fried flour and egg dipped skewered meat or vegetables. These deep fried skewered dishes can be eaten just like that of after dipping it into tonkatsu sauce which taste like light soy sauce.

たこ焼き Takoyaki is like one of my most favouritest! Yes, there's no such word but I just want to emphasize how much I love takoyaki. Haha. The first takoyaki I had was back to my Tokyo trip at Ameyoko market. They were so superb delicious, I had to buy it again when I saw this stall at just below the Tsūtenkaku tower! Do I look happy or what?

However, the taste of takoyaki, okonomiyaki and such alike are actually different in Tokyo and Osaka. The version in Osaka usually uses a sauce which is slightly sourish in comparison with the Tokyo version where the sauce is sweet and salty instead. Although the pan-fried food such as takoyaki or okonomiyaki originated from Osaka, I prefer the twisted version from Tokyo without the sourness.

One of the uniqueness of every district in Japan is that they all have their specialty version in terms of food flavour although they share the same name.

 // Found my musculine man in Osaka // *lol*

Pharmacy or drugstore is one of the shopping heaven for beauty junkies. Most japan drugstore cosmetic brands are much sough for their good quality and also affordable price. It is a beauty station not to be missed!

Me and mom spent quite some time there grabbing these beauty darlings. Here's a list of some items which we bought: mascara / liquid eyeliner / pantyhose (they are really good quality!) / lots of face mask! (effective and at a very affordable price!) / matcha snacks / doggy treats / and even Vit C (to be consumed in Japan but sealed together too >.< ) which they sealed in the TAX FREE bag!

I suppose it's the tax free and the absence of transportation cost which makes them every so affordable in Japan. So don't forget to mark Japan durgstore as a must visit!

Hello auntie, are you looking forward to buy from お土産 omiyage. Rather than just mere souvenirs, omiyage is more of local specialty sweets and snacks packed beautifully, much like gift wrapped souvenirs  meant for people you give to when you return from a trip or people you visit. Apparently, it is much of an obligation culture in Japan but I really like the idea of it. 

Receiving interesting edible yummies are always better than something which are less of a use. Do you agree with me?

 // Osaka Banana Omiyage //

Look at the amount of different and beautifully packed Omiyage in this huge store! It's love!

I found another takoyaki store but did not try it out coz I already had mine and am not really looking forward to another Osaka takoyaki. Hehe..

// Takoyaki // 

The center of Shinsekai looks very different and more vibrant in comparison with the old historical style at the north entrance which I passed through upon entering Shinsekai. There were a lot of billboards, interesting figurines all different type and forms. I really love how vibrant the place is. <3

Passing through another kushikatsu store with a long line of patrons! It is not a cheap indulgence but it think it gives a very high satisfactory feeling upon completion of the meal.

 // Very excited mom over a trolley of cute cuddly canines //

// Billiken - The God of Things As They Ought to Be //

Billiken is actually not an icon originated from Osaka but it soon became the icon of Osaka after this icon representing Americana were enshrine in numerous spots in Osaka. Touching the soles of the Billiken statue is said to make wishes come true! So please make my wish come true! <3

I'm awed by these very lively combination decorations of sumos, lanterns and interesting characters! Somehow they got my sight glued to them for a long time. Are you interested to know what those with phone camera are glued to instead? Let's find out!

It's this floating づぼらや フグ Fugu / Puffer fish figurine which is one of the iconic Japanese specialty food as well. In this case, it probably represents the Spa World outlet on the left corner. It is a place where everyone can enjoy a large pool of natural hot spring water pumped up from within the earth surface.

// Vibrant district of Shinsekai with Tsūtenkaku tower//

// Hangout place for all ages // 

Hello there! I'm back on a commercial break with my Sakura soft serve in case anyone missed me in this long post. Haha.. How does it taste like? Well, a little like artificial berry and floral taste. Sakura flavour is a hype but I personally do not really favour the flavour. 

Now my tummy is hungry after having a busy tourist tour around the place. Shinsekai is pretty much like a place for eye candy and also munching tour of kushikatsu and takoyaki but after dawn, it is a little known for being a notorious and dangerous neighborhood in the standard of Japan safety.

Even during my walks around, I notice hidden alleys which are small and dodgy leading to adult cinemas.

After a tiring walk, it's nice to just get a little rest and some food to refuel my energy before visiting another part of Osaka. CocoIchibanya is no stranger to us Malaysians as the franchise have finally landed here. To be honest, I have yet to visit any of the Malaysia franchise outlet but I am sure the taste would be similar.

This place is really friendly with complete English menu provided for tourist, meaning this place is actually quite commonly to be bustling with tourist. Even the Yoshinoya outlet I visited are equipped with simple English menu for easy ordering.

You can either create your own plate or Japanese Curry Rice;
  1. Select curry sauce type
  2. Select quantity of rice
  3. Select Spiciness level
  4. Select to add-on any toppings.
or you could just select the combination prepared in the menu below;

 // Spring curry with Sakura Shrimp (sergia lucens) and Asari Clams + JApanese flavour curry with bonito broth ¥799//

// Thinly Sliced-Pork Curry ¥700//

Look out for my next destination post to Shinsaibashi! The vibrant nightlife place where the Glico Running Man (not the Korea Running Man) is a super idol!

*JR railway train schedule planning here:
*Info on Shinsekai: 

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