Thursday, 16 March 2017

So I survived the night and had a good sleep after a getting a little lost and dragging the heavy luggage with mom, looking for our Airbnb accommodation. 

Note to self: NEVER NEVER believe that it is near when the place is 15 minutes walk away from the station. The walk is a waste of energy during travel and it always feel like forever when I travel to the station and back. So yes, the ideal duration of walking distance should be 7 minutes or shorter. 

A morning view of this place called Teradacho. It is quite convenient to travel to tourist spots from here. There's a Mc Donald's kiosk and some eatery near the Teradachō Station.


My favourite has always been Yoshinoya but let's have Sukiya on the second day, shall we? If I'm not mistaken, Sukiya serves more beef options while Yoshinoya has more pork options. Both of these brands serve quick meals of rice bowls, somewhat their healthier means of fast food.

//Salmon set | Charcoal Pork Slice Set//

Salmon Set - ¥550 and Charcoal Pork Slice Set - ¥640. Mom and I both love rice so donburi (Japanese rice bowl) for breakfast / brunch is <3 for us. ^^ Both set are satisfactory fulfilling in terms of portion and taste but they could definitely improve on the appearance of the pork slice set.

//So let's dig into my breakfast! Itadakimasu//

First destination for the day is Shitennō-ji Temple. It was a direct line to the Tennōji Station from Teradachō Station but it require some walk towards the temple. About 11 - 15 minutes walk but it was a very entertaining walk around the bustling area all the way to the temple. There was so much to see and the weather was just cooling.

One of the reason the area was bustling with little stalls and people is because on the 21st of every month or so, there will be flea market held around the Shitennō-ji Temple. I feel lucky to be able to come across this very date and experience it.

 //Arimoto Coffee Co.// 

This is actually the first shop that I stop by along the way. Being a cafe hopper, I'm much attracted by this vintage coffee roaster shop. They have quite a number of beans type but I don't really understand much as everything was in Japanese. I ended up getting a small pack of mix blends. It was a really nice place and pretty much filled with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Next was this half shop with their bonsai sakura flower extension display to the front. The sight was crazy beautiful and mesmerizing! Not only that, the price itself is urging me to get one but it would probably not survive the change of weather. Plus, I was not sure if it would even cross the immigration safely. So I had to leave these beauties right where they were :(

Some nom nom which was super crowded with people just right the opposite of Shitennoji Temple entrance. It has the shape of bell and in different sizes. Some are more like biscuit and some are like chinese piggy biscuit. I bought this pack and nom it all before I remember to take picture of it. Haha. I'm so sorry and guilty of it but it was so goood! <3

Follow me to Shitennō-ji Temple in the next post! Hang in there while I try to complete the post soon! ^^

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  1. Hi I come here by following the post about "Hong Hu Jiao Zi Fang", Chinese cuisines you posted before. I enjoyed your photo and report. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have just updated a new post today. check it out:

      268: Shitennō-ji Temple + Flea Market @ Osaka