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We're finally in the 四天王寺 Shitennō-ji Temple and guess what I saw!! These little kids trying to catch the fishes with the paper nets. Sorry, I'm easily excited by these differing new found activities. <^^> If I play along I think I would look weird among these kids. Haha. Anyone of you get the urge to try this?

So, this is right inside the compound where it was flooded with patrons joining in the flea market. After all, it was only held once a month. The place is beautiful, the people seems friendly and smiling all the time, the goods although second hand, seems to be in really good condition and tempting, best of all, the food  looks oh-so-delicious and enticing! So definitely no reason to miss it! 

There were many stalls selling second hand items but almost all of them are still in really good condition. There were きもの kimono and 浴衣 yukata sets which still looks brand new or being preserved carefully, it's a bargain not to be missed! Loose clothing items were also available for mix and match and sold for cheaper prices. They were all so beautiful and well taken care of, I really don't mind getting a second hand item at all.

Ofcourse, that was not all, there were stalls selling footwear, kitchenware, decor displays and much more.

// 四天王寺 Shitennō-ji Temple Pagoda //

Shitennō-ji Temple is actually one of the oldest temple in Japan, oldest in Osaka. It is said to be the first Buddhism Temple built. There were stories which told that the temple was burnt down a few times but was reconstructed to the similarity of the original one.

Before getting your hands full with goods, perhaps you would like to take a look around inside the temple compound first. There is a 5-storey pagoda which you can visit. Go up the spiral stairs and be surrounded by the view of the busy flea market and it's crowds. It could help you plan your walk around the flea market. This area is also the place where you can enjoy some carefree peaceful environment of the surrounding away from the flea market. 

And lots of yummy food stalls! *yums* This is a stall selling イカ玉焼 grilled squid with egg! Both which are irresistible for me! ¥200 per set. If not this, then you're bound to be attracted by another food stall you pass by. Be it sweet confectioneries, savories or even snacks, they get at least a glance from me. I would definitely love to try everything there if I could! Getting a little greedy. Haha.. >.<

// Yums with mom! //

// Pickled / preserved vergetables and 大根 daikon/radish //

// Stall selling Japanese Tea Leaves 茶 //

// ほうじ茶 Hōjicha //

// 抹茶 Matcha / 玄米茶 Genmaicha //

I bought 2 packets of tea, one Matcha and one Genmaicha and they both taste really heavenly. The fragrance is strong and refreshing, the taste is light and very pure. I think they make great gifts. However, do take note that the freshness and conditions is good within 3 months. Well, that's according to my experience. Therefore, it is advisable to finish up in 3 months time. 

// Bargain / Economical Corner //

It is a display of daily use items sold at very affordable prices, a mix of Japan and China produced items sold at very affordable prices.

// Eirei-do Hall (Bell Tower) of Shitennō-ji Temple //

Eirei-do Hall was built to honor Prince Shōtoku, who was well-known for his strong support for the introduction of Buddhism in Japan. It was said to be hosting the largest hanging bell in the world until World War II.

// OOTD for the day //

// First Sakura Love! //

This is my first experience of a blooming sakura tree or rather, a full bloom! Never thought I would see it first here at Shitennō-ji Temple. It's so pretty, I can't take my eyes off it. <3

The compound is huge and I could spend the whole day there when there was flea market. :) Besides surrounded by a few full bloom Sakura Tree, there were also stalls selling beautiful floral plants like orchids. There were many elderly and people of middle-age, strolling cheerfully. It makes the atmosphere so comfortable and carefree, it actually lights up my mood. ^^

Walking till the sun goes down, the place was still crowded with people and activities. I truly enjoy the sightseeing of Shitennō-ji Temple  and it's surrounding, interesting items sold, different delicious food. All in all, it was a interesting place and event not to be missed!

Till next time. I'd love to be back again!

// Bye Shitennō-ji Temple //

// Sakura Love! //
// Snack time again //

// Hats, Maneki-neko (Lucky Cat / Beckoning Cat), Wooden Key chain, Mandrin Duck //

招き猫 Maneki-neko is a Japanese figurine where shop owners commonly place at the front of their shop or at the cash counter to bring good luck and business to the owner. There's now even different type of maneki-neko such as welcoming cat, lucky cat, happy cat, fortune cat, etc..

I've always wanted to get a maneki-neko and this is my first which I put at P.S. Tokyo. So do drop by and visit! :D

// Keychain, Coffee Bean, Small Pouch //

Important notes:

  • Travel to Tennoji Station (JR Osaka Loop Line) for nearest station to Shitennō-ji Temple. 
  • 5 min. walk from Shitennoji-Mae-Yuhigaoka Sta. of Tanimachi line (exit No.4)
  • Check timetable, route maps and station maps at Japan JR-West Railway website:
  • Shitennō-ji Temple map from

Shitennō-ji Temple

a: 〒543-0051 1-11-18 Shitennoji, Tennoji-ku, OsakaCity, Japan.

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