Friday, 3 February 2017

Hi guys! girls! This is going to be the last post before the Chinese New Year! One of the important task in the to-do-list besides getting new clothes before the Chinese New Year would be get a hair cut!

I got to say that Number76 is what comes to mind whenever I am in need of a salon. By the time I look forward to my salon visit, almost all branches has been booked up. I would visit Number76 Bangsar branch but they were fully booked.

So I decided to have a try and made a booking with a senior stylist, Wendy Ng at the Starhill branch. I have not had any session with senior stylist from Number76 (past visits here: Number76 Bangsar with Amy / Number76 Bangsar2 with Yamamoto-san) before but I thought to myself that a simple layering trim can't go wrong with a trained stylist from this salon branch from Japan (assuming it's Japan standard). Initially decided to get a trim just to strike off this  Chinese New Year must-do ritual every year but opted for more mid way through the appointment. 

Insta story of my visit.

I don't remember when was the last time I set foot into Starhill. Interior layout has definitely changed but the place remains quietly exclusive, looking like a gallery instead. 

Back to my hair story..

So I asked for a layered trim and in the midst of it, I asked if I would add-on a colouring service and she agreed to it. The hair cut was done in a jiffy. Really quick session but from my observation, it wasn't really a layering cut but instead it looks like a horizontal with slight layering instead. 

Refer to the picture above to what I meant by horizontal layering. The stylist also asked for the length I wanted for my fringe and we agreed on the chin level but the cut I got was what is shown in the picture above. I have to admit that it was some what unsatisfactory.

There was not much communication initiated by the stylist. All she spoke of was straight forward questions;
  1.  what tea would you like to have? (the tea didn't come by the way. It came after another staff asked me for my choice of tea later on.)
  2. how would you like to have your hair cut?
  3. how long would you like your fringe to be?
  4. what colour would your like? (for hair dye)
  5. would you like your hair to be more curly? (hair curl at the end was done by another staff and it looks like half effort job because I answered that I was going home after.)
That's probably most of what she conversed with me.

This is what my hair looks like without curling them. So unruly. To be honest, got to say I'm a little upset with the result of this appointment because of the haircut outcome and also the attitude of the stylist which doesn't seems to care much. Perhaps I should ask for a straightened finishing touch at the end of haircuts to actually verify if they did a proper job.

When I asked for a blue hair dye, she did not ask for the shade I was looking for. Neither did she show me how the colour was going to turn out. I had to take the initiative to ask her when I saw the prepared dye because I really don't want my hair to turn into some other colour which I'm looking forward to. Especially when it's for the Chinese New Year. 

The last I heard from the stylist at the end of the session; if you only wash your hair twice before the Chinese New Year, it will possibly last till the Chinese New Year.

Mind boggling indeed.  :O

I miss layered hair like these.

Gone were the curls when I got home.

It's only blue dye but the mid section looks green, doesn't it? Not that I'm complaining :)

The colour seems to be on little uneven level on both side but not very noticeable so it's all good ^^

I wake up the next morning, looking at my unruly hair. Put in some effort to curl and style it, I'm glad my hair looks fine.. Looks horrible if I straighten my hair though coz of the hair cut.. =/ Seems like I'll probably be looking forward to another hair cut after the Chinese New Year.

I'm not sure if it's the hectic pre Chinese New Year packed schedule or this is the standard of senior stylist of Number76. (my first time booking with a senior stylist) but I makes me think twice for future bookings.

Total damage done: RM372

RM296 for long hair colour. Ah.. it's a compliment for finally labelling my hair as 'long'! No bleaching. Just colouring.
RM76 for senior stylist cut.

In the end, just keep calm and eat soft serve.

Number76 Starhill

a: S4, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
t: +603 2141 6676 / 7076

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  1. sorry on ur bad experience....i wanted to try out number 76 one day as so many influencer swear by it...anyway im on the same boat with you...had a really bad hair makeover too...will share on my blog soon on my experience...

    1. I usually go to the Bangsar branch and have not booked with Senior Stylist before. This was my first at Starhill and I see many similar feedbacks on the Starhill branch facebook.