Friday, 17 February 2017

Chinese New Year is all over now :( That's some 15 days of crazy gathering, card games, sobering up with alcohol and also munching on all sorts of good food which includes the oh-so-delicious Bak Kwa.

Every year without fail, the Bak Kwa shops will get flooded with Chinese who can't loose out to get their hands on these yummilicious Chinese New Year delicacy! Even the internet has it comparing the Malaysia Sun Weng Heong vs Singapore Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa.

I saw a video sharing the crazy long queue of people waiting in line to buy from Lim Chee Guan. So long, it reminds me of those people queuing up for some limited product launching the very next day! It made me want to try it some day but my urge died down when I saw the comparison of it which doesn't look better than our local winner!

BUT! This year I get to taste a very special and super EXPENSIVE Bak Kwa in my whole freaking life! Presenting the IBERICO Bak Kwa! The price will definitely scare you away, no kidding. I would not have bought it myself and would never had the chance to try it if some one have not bought it for me :D ( thank you :} ) because it cost a freakin' RM50++ !! Yes, that's like more than RM10 for an effin' piece! That's like the price of a super premium imported Japanese Ichigo.

So what's so special about this Black Pork from Spain? Iberico pigs are actually well-known for being a very healthy source of pork as they roam around freely and also feed on acorn which produces healthy fat in the pig itself. Well, that was a milennia ago. Now, they are domesticated but are fed on good healthy natural diet which makes them more of a high quality and prized meat product. Simply said; it's imported organic pork.

The Iberico pork meat is said to be more delicious so let's see how it fares in form of bak kwa. In comparison, on the left I have this local Seremban produced bak kwa and on the right is the Iberico bak kwa.

Iberico bak kwa is larger in piece but thinner is slice. It also looks less oily. Taste wise, I actually prefer our local Seremban bak kwa as it taste more fragrant and also chewy. The Iberico Bak Kwa was made too thinly and that actually affects the pleasure of eating it.

In my honest opinion, Seremban bak kwa definitely wins all round! It's cheaper and more delicious! The Iberico bak kwa to me, is just a highly priced imported organic pork made into bak kwa. 

I have not tasted Iberico porks made into other dishes hence I can't really say that there's nothing special about Iberico pork but in terms of bak kwa, I feel that it is a waste to use such a high grade pork and make it into something less delicious and seems overpriced. 

Anyway, should you still want to have a try at this overpriced bak kwa, you might want to try your luck in Village Grocer but I am not going to promise anything! 

Share your thoughts with me if you ever tried it. :)

Iberico Bak Kwa

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