Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Scrolling back to the visit to Groom Artistry end of May this year! A must visit to the Salon after a very long time! The last I visit to the salon before this was before Chinese New Year.

How much my hair has grown, it's time to make them even again but most importantly, give them a new colour! <3

Groom Artistry is situated near KLCC, in The Intermark

Most people might not be familiar with The Intermark but they do have a nice food court at the lower level, together with Village Grocer. Love this place because they have got some really good cheesy mash potato! My favourite craving at the moment! <3

While going for any treatment, you can request these friendly people here to help you get some food or drinks in case you are having some cravings.  

If you are driving, best time to visit this place is after working hour on weekdays and on the weekends for a flat rate parking fee.

Their interior is raw and simple. Mostly cement flooring and wall with some wooden elements.

Random picture of my converse sneakers coz they look so good here :D

After hours and hours of bleaching, colouring and waiting, the result is finally out! It's <3

Thanks to Carina (the pretty stylist at the center) for the mix of colours! You can always set an appointment with her because she is really good with colours :)

Top layer is ash brown all over. Bottom was a gradient of Green -> Blue -> Purple. Felt like a unicron colour! 

Front and back look. I always love hidden bright colours at the bottom layer shadowed by the top hair layer with less eye-catching colour. 

My favourite colours are always the bright colours / ash colour / faded colours. <3

It was a very comfortable visit even though my first there with them; Aishah, Carina, Jerry. Their boss make it a point that they must make every visitor feels at home all the time. Missing from the picture is the young chatty PR girls, Emily.

Below is the colour transition as time pass;

2 days later.

2 weeks after.

6 weeks after.

Visited the salon a second time and got this new ash colour by Jerry. Top layer ash brown + bottom layer ash grey 8-5

1 week after. 

5 weeks after.

Which is more of your style? Carina's work or Jerry's work? Well, either one, they are all done at the Groom Artistry! Call them up for an appointment today and let them know Patricia / Tenshi referred you for a special price! *wink

Groom Artistry

a: The Intermark Mall, Level 2, Lot 2-03, No: 348, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
t: 03-2181 8116

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