Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hello October!

Can't believe it's just a few months away and it will be a new year again. Time sure pass in a speedy rate! This post has been long delayed but I finally have the time to share my result after a month of using Realash Eyelash Enhance.

If you missed out my previous post about my unboxing of this pretty parcel from Realash, you can read it here. It is actually a well-known eyelash enhancer serum.

Here is a photo for comparison of before and after usage. Looking carefully on both pictures, you will be able to notice some slight improvement on the length of eyelashes. My lashes have grown 1 or 2 mm longer after a religious 30 days of application. Although it might not look much, it actually does a different to the beauty of my eyes.

It is not visible here but I applied some left over serum on my bottom lashes as well after application on my top lashes. There shows some visible growth in lenght as well and it makes me happy.

Every morning, I look at the reflection of my eyes on the mirror and it makes me smile. I smile at the sight of a more beautiful pair of eyes enhanced by my improved eyelashes.

I used to have very brittle eyelashes and they would fall off in a number of 1 or 2 every single day without fail. Recently, I don't notice them falling anymore. Thanks to Realash, my eyelashes now have grown stronger too! #eyelashesgamestrong

Thanks to Realash for making my bare eyes beautiful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who faces brittle and short eyelashes problem.

During the 30 days, the only problem that I face was a slight discomfort twice during the application of the serum. It was very slight and goes off in just a while. Therefore, it was not a bother to me.

I hope my share of experience will be able to help you decide whether to get this or not. It is a product I would recommend you to try at least once and judge for yourself. 

You can read about my unboxing of the beautiful parcel here as well.

Realash Eyelash Enhance & Brow Conditioner

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