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Today's review is going to be a combination of AHA by Cleansing Research and also Tsururi Ghassoul Clay Series as both brands are targeting towards pore care. I'm excited to share because again, there are products made in Japan!

I'm always excited to try out Japanese made products because most of the time, I'll fall in love with them and they give good results! ^^

From left to right: AHA Cleansing Research Clear Peeling Lotion / AHA Cleansing Research Refining Milk Cleansing b / Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream Ghassoul Power / Tsururi Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power / Tsururi Ghassoul Paste

I'll be reviewing the products by steps from cleansing to toning..

Step 1 with Cleansing Research Refining Milk Cleansing b. When I am not lazy, I would use a milk cleanser to remove my make up or cleanse my face off dirt that have accumulated throughout the day. I prefer this over oil cleanser because as much as people tell me that oil cleanser will not cause breakouts on my skin, it does.

Advice is to dispense 3 pumps but I only need 1 or 1 1/2 pumps with my fingers.

I love the subtle texture of this milk cleanser as it feels lighter and more delicate on the skin than those I have tried. Still, it is able to deliver the result of thorough removal of make up without any stain from mascara or eye liner. These two stains are usually the most obvious when a cleanser does not seems to be doing it's job.

This cleanser is good for sensitive skin as it only contains plant based cleansing ingredient but can remove even waterproof make-up. This rich milk formula cleanser contains plant-based ceramides and jojoba oil leaving the skin soft and subtle! <3

With make-up on the left and after removing make-up on the right. Thoroughly cleansed with no traces of eyeliner or eye shadow stain. :)

Next, I'll be moving on to Tsururi Ghassoul Clay Series!

Ghassoul Clay is an organically mined clay extracted from within the Atlas Mountain in Morocco. It is said to be one of the best natural treatment for oily, dry, dull and acne-prone skin. Sounds just like what I need! My skin condition has been nothing but all of the above problem! I really dislike how it is oily but yet dry. Sounds like it does not make sense but it does.

From left to right: Tsururi Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream Ghassoul Power / Tsururi Ghassoul Paste

Moving on to Step 2 with Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream Ghassoul Power. This is a cleansing cream targeting the T-zone, eliminating clogged pores, and keratin plugs, thus removing roughness on skin surface.

It is a smooth, thick, creamy cream to be applied on T-zone after softly wiped dry. As it is smooth, it is easy to massage gently on the skin surface. While massaging the T-zone for about 60 seconds, I experience a warming sensation, a reaction from the Zeolite power stone.

Unlike scrubs, it contains no grain. After washing it with lukewarm water, I notice more visible pores, effect or cleansed pores. Not everything is cleared off the pores as I'm sure it takes a few use to slowly show an improving results.

There was no scrubbing involved and I see no traces of dry skin which was there right before application.  

Still in the cleansing step, next would be to sort of srcub the rest of the face with Tsururi Ghassoul Paste. The paste is made of 100% botanical cleansing ingredients, blending with 6 types of essential oil including Lavender, Lemongrass and Rosemary extract.

The texture is like a smoother version of clay paste. I just need to leave my skin slightly wet after washing to lather it with the paste. A small amount of paste was applied to the skin and massage them in circular motion on my skin to kind of scrub the rest of the surface, leaving aside the T-zone which I have cleaned up earlier. 

I like it that it was not rough although it is a clay paste and it has a combination of herbal and floral smell which is quite soothing. 

From left to right: Tsururi Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream Ghassoul Power / Tsururi Ghassoul Paste

Step 3 with Tsururi Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power which is a treatment mask which works on absorbing clogged pore impurities and excess oil.

I always felt the need to put on pore treatment mask after the scrubbing and cleansing of pores so as to help minimize cleaned up pores. Amist the pore tightening effects, most pore clay mask leaves the skin really dry and I would have to follow up with a moisturizing mask right after

Tsururi Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power amazed with what it does. As usual, this clay mask is applied all over my face. Instead of just having tightening effect, it prepares my skin for better skincare absorption and at the same time, hydrates and moisturizes my skin with plant based ingredients.

The proper direction would be to leave on the mask for 5 minutes before rinsing off. I notice that the clay mask was not dry yet after 5 minutes. It make sense to wash off the clay mask before it dries off so that the mask does not extract and dehydrate the skin instead.

Skin feels soft and subtle and unexpectedly, hydrated! Love the bouncy touch it creates on my skin!

Last step with AHA Cleansing Research Clear Peeling Lotion suitable for normal to oily skin! This exfoliating lotion also contains 100% plant based cleansing ingredients such as grape leaf extract, 5 varieties of AHA and 3 varieties of moisturizer.

Although said to be an exfoliating lotion, it contain ingredients which keep the skin hydrated and moisturized instead of leading to dry and peeling skin. 

It feel refreshing during application as it smells very much like the fragrance of apple juice! The lotion was light and absorption was real quick, leaving the skin comfortably prepped up!   

What I love the most about these products are that they feel very light and gentle to the skin. Very much suitable for sensitive and troubled skin, I would say. Currently, these are the only products I know of which fights troubled skin but yet able to retain a moisture condition of the skin.

Follow me on instagram and I'll let you know the changes on my skin after another week of usage!

AHA by Cleansing Research / Tsururi Ghassoul Clay Series

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