Sunday, 7 August 2016

Like finally! Managed to plan a very short getaway to Ipoh town for some relaxation. Highlight of the trip would be a stay at this very awesome M Boutique Hotel Ipoh. I've actually heard of it for quite sometime and it's good to finally get to stay here myself!

It was quite a grand view itself when I arrived right at the location. This is not a drawn illustration but a photo which I shot at night. Mesmerizing exterior paired with the right lighting to give it a grand majestic look.

The entrance is not obvious but it is just beside OldTown Grand Ipoh, the grand version of Ipoh OldTown . Walking into the lobby itself feels like Alice falling into another world, in this case, an old english town

I like the whole setting of old style chunky furnitures with bright bulb lighting, big flower vases and some additional rustic decorations. 

Waiting Area at the lobby.

Aromatic toiletries for sale. 

Corner decorated with equipment found from some old port.

Every floor has it's own individual theme a distinctive identity of it's own. 

1st floor - The Adventure Theme. The whole place makes you feel like being in a Safari Camp, surrounded by animals. It was inspired by the 1800s time zone when the surrounding of Malaysia is still mostly, thick tropical jungle.

2nd Floor - The Majestic Theme. With the extremely solid reference on the Majestic Building in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, this floor is build tough with elements of rustic industrial site.

My room for the night will be at the 3rd Floor - The Excelsior Theme. This floor is a combination of the animal kingdom and a bug's life. Partial of the floor is mostly decorated with framed bugs while on most places, you will probably just see a lot of wild horses roaming everywhere.

Registration was done with a jiffy and soon, I get to check into my room for the night! All rooms are non-smoking which is good. However, the first room I checked into has some unpleasant smoking scent and the receptionist was quick to get another room for me when requested. 

Now, let's check out what's in the rooms! They have a really comfy bed and pillow set that's for sure!

Queen Size Bed Room 

There's a small study table with a rocking horse if you're looking to jot down some notes or a quick work place.

Every visitor was greeted with bottles of water and some old time snacks! Love it how they share one of the special highlight of the town, which is the Kacang Putih snacks Ipoh is well-known for.

Behind a hidden door is a small compartment with cloth hangers, a safebox and also an emergency torchlight. It's my first time coming across a hotel providing an emergency torchlight. I think it is very thoughtful of them.

Besides toiletries, towels, and those small necessities, hairdryer is also provided. A plus point to their service because not many places takes the initiative to improve customer's comfort.

I have a thing for very clean toilet and washroom! It's not a fetish, but to me, a very clean looking toilet gives me a very comfortable feeling. Don't you agree that white is a very calming colour and a washing up in a clean toilet helps you to refuel positive energy in oneself? Well, for me it is..

Somehow, I will also judge the cleanliness of the entire place from the toilet. Am I just the only one with such judgement?

In the morning, breakfast in provided. Even though there's is a lot of great food in Ipoh town, the management still takes into consideration the necessity to provide a good meal to start the day with.

We can either choose to have our breakfast at MYTH Eatery or at OldTown Grand Ipoh.

MYTH is to the left of the receptionist while Old Town is to the right, walkway just beside the M Shop

Walking into MYTH Eatery does gives an exquisite majestic feeling due to the carefully crafted surrounding. It is a great place for meals as the place seems peaceful and ample space for private talks.

Breakfast meal comes in a set of selected food and drink; western or asian it's your choice.

My choosen breakfast of the day: An english breakfast with a cup of coffee!

The OldTown Grand Ipoh here is much more exclusive than the usual OldTown branches which I visit in Kuala Lumpur. It is actually one of my favourite local cuisine cafe among the many. I suppose it is only right to make this special since Old Town comes from Ipoh after all.

The local breakfast choice would be: Toast / Sandwich /  Nasi Lemak / Noodles / Signature Ipoh Hor Fun + drinks with choices of coffee / tea / chocolate / orange juice.

On the ground floor is M Shop which sells a handful of specially selected products. Products range from Aroma Therapeutic toiletries, clothing, bags, phone accessories and a lot more!

They are good for gifts as mos of the items seems to be of good quality. Good news is, they are having a big sale now! So do drop by to have a look and see what's good to bring back home~

Other facilities provided in-house are; M Space which is a meeting room, Self-service Gym, The Living Room which is a leisure lounge, and Self-Service Laundry.

Overall, it is a very pleasant stay for me as I find the management very thoughtful when it comes to creating a very comfortable and enjoyable stay for their customers. In terms of creating a theme interior, every fine detailing was taken to the core, making the experience a very realistic one.

Location wise, the surrounding is quiet, making it a good place to recuperate after a hot day travelling around and it's just 5 minutes away from the attractions.

Thanks M Boutique Hotel for the great hospitality! It was a pleasant stay and I would be glad to be back here again for my next trip to Ipoh. (:

M Boutique Hotel Ipoh

a: No.2, Hala Datoh 2, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
t: +605-255 5566

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  1. This place is wonderful! the food ,the amenities are all fabulous. Thank you for sharing this and keep posting.