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Like finally! Some satisfying hot asian meal in Bangsar! I've known this area since I was a kid and this area has always lacked some asian touch! The eateries here were always more to a western influence besides the famous Banana Leaf diner.

Quite hidden in a corner lot in Bangsar, Telawi Square is this little oriental gem! It excites me just by knowing the existence of this place! Imagine the kind of excitement when you are hungry in a cold winter environment, feeling really hungry and longing for a bowl of hot pot!

Gosh, did you just make you salivate too? Opps! Let's get to the food already! 

When it comes to a hotpot meal / steamboat, everyone gets excited don't they? What's more when they present this in front of me! Looks really good, huh?

This is a 2 person portion mix platter but it looks crazy huge! This mix platter is available with minimum order of 2 person portion, each portion with the price tag of RM69. Although said to be a 2 person portion, it is good for sharing of 3 - 4 person. I had this with 3 of my girls and we could almost barely empty it!

This platter has a good combination of ingredients; Chinese Cabbage / Enoki Mushroom / Local Beancurd / Imported Hong Kong Bean Curd Roll / Hong Kong Fried Fish Skin / Fresh Tiger Prawn / Japanese Half Shell Scallop / Hong Kong Yee Mee / Udon Mee / Fresh Hand Made Meatballs / Hand Made Dumplings / Sakura Premium Pork Slice.

Highlights in the platter: Imported Hong Kong Bean Curd Roll / Hong Kong Fried Fish Skin / Sakura Premium Pork Slice.

*remember remember to order these dishes! Just dip the Bean Curd Roll and Fried Fish Skin twice and it's ready for consumption! So good, you'll be tempted to place another order, I promise! 

They have a mixture of 7 type of sauce and condiment; Light Soya Sauce / Satay Sauce / Sesame Peanut Sauce / Home Blended Chili Sauce / Chopped Garlic / Chopped Spring Onion / Chopped Coriander.

The recommended would be their self-made home blend chilli sauce, sesame peanut sauce and satay sauce.

Soup base available: Sakura Pork Bone Soup / Sakura Pork Stomach & White Pepper / Imported Hong Kong Century Egg &  Coriander / Szchuan Spicy / Pumpkin Soup Base / Mix Soup Base.

I personally love the Sakura Pork Bone Soup in comparison with the Pumpkin Soup Base. Unlike most Pork Bone Soup, the one served here taste like chinese pork bone soup, as in literally soup, not steamboat base. It taste really sweet and clear at the same time.

Meat slice is a must to order! We get to try the Sakura Premium Pork Slice that came together with the platter set. Ala-carte price would be: RM 13 - half / RM18 - full. They were sliced very very thinly, makes it cooked with just a quick dip. The meat was as lean as it get, with the adequate amount, it feels like eating it as a snack. Yumm..

The seafood in the platter was very fresh. I am never fans of prawn but I'll just take it as not to waste food. Good to know the prawns was really fresh, it was enjoyable having it. :) Lovers of seafood, this is the place to watch out for!

They have a range of fresh hand made meat balls too! One not to be missed is this with fillings! All are freshly and nicely made to give a good bouncy experience.

The environment and interior is made to look similar to the packed environment in Hong Kong. Furniture might be placed close to each other but rest assured, it is still comfortable enough to have an enjoyable meal. They also have private rooms if you ever need to book any. 

Lastly, dessert of day is this Coconut Jelly. Surprisingly, it has a little sticky feeling when we bite on it and has a very fragrant Coconut aroma lingering in the mouth.

To fully enjoy a steamboat, one has to have it with some happy drinks! Yay! Hongkong Hotpot Steamboat offers a range of sake and house wine. If you prefer something lighter, they do serve beers.

Picture with my pretty babes after the meal! ^^

Thanks to Hong Kong Hotpot Steamboat for having us! It was indeed a delightful meal and I can't wait to go back there to have some hot meal! Yumm!

Hong Kong Hotpot Steamboat

a: No. 39, Lot 10-A, Level 2, Telawi Square, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
t: +603 - 2280 0242
h: 4.00pm - 12.00am ( 12.00am - 4.00 am available prior to booking)

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