Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Even though just 2 weeks ago, everything is so last year now... That's the reason why we should never delay anything and finish them up before the year ends!

So, last year, I was in a conversation with a friend and we were craving so much for escargot! We decided to just find a place to fulfill our cravings and we chance upon Memphis Bistro! Sounds like a cozy little place to have a good meal.

It was just the day after Christmas and we didn't really thought we need to place a booking. Quite unfortunately, when we arrive, the only 2 tables left were under reservation. Hence we got kicked out =/ Nah, the lady apologized sincerely. We left a number and returned when they inform us that there's a spot. :)

It's good that most of the crowds were gone when we were back. I never really like to dine in a noisy environment like what we always encounter in a Chinese Restaurants. Somehow, there's just no peace of mind during the meal.

Without delay, let us dive into the dishes!

Two big ass oysters! 2 for RM15.20 Again, raw seafood is not my kind of thing but thought we'd just give it a try since auntie recommended and it wasn't really expensive. I think? Not too familiar with oyster prices.

The oysters were really huge and it was quite fresh. We ate everything except this part which looks very similar to a scallop called the adductor muscle which was strongly attached to the shell because we coudn't remove it. Auntie told us not to waste it and handed us a knife to remove it from the shell. It does taste like raw scallop. Haha..

Still, I prefer cheese baked mussels :}

I think I'm losing touch in food photography and somehow, my samsung is giving me noisier pictures now..  =.= Think I really need a proper camera for food pictures next time =/

Fresh Forest Mushroom Soup came next! RM11.50 It was quite delicious but I find it a little too salty. I guess things like this happens when the kitchen gets too busy and tired. I jokingly said maybe it is like what usually happens in Pizza Hut; when the day is still early, the soup is very watery and flowy but by the end of the day, it get's very thick. . Though, it is unlikely that this happened here as the thickness of the soup was just fine.

Next up, escargots! RM23.00 The dish that we came for! Ordered half  a dozen and it came with two slice of garlic bread. Actually read some reviews online about this. Some said that it taste great while some said it was just meh. So, I didn't really put my hopes too high on this. My opinion, it was really just quite meh.. Sorry to say but the seasoning was quite bland and there wasn't much taste to it. No omph, no sudden flavour burst in my mouth. It just taste okay, pretty mediocre. Like eating a slice of bread; you saw it, you ate it and you forget about it.

Classic Caesar Salad. RM10.50 Quite enjoy this. Crispy vegetable, croutons, and bits of parmesan topped with dressing. Would have loved it more if they have included small bacon bits. That would be really yummy! But it won't be classic anymore, right? Heh.. Still it's a great appetizer. Recommended.

Last dish; Philly Chicken Chop. RM25.00 What I like about this is; 1.crispy on the outside but soft on the inside fries, 2.Delicious onion ring, 3.the fact that the chicken shop was cut up. I sound lazy I know. Lol. But that's not the real reason I like it that way. The reason is I really dislike separating the chicken meat from the bones. That's why I really dislike drumsticks. 

About the chicken chop, don't really like it being deep fried as it was a tad bit dry. Dressing has a tint of sour in them; to go well with the deep fried chicken I assume. I can't recall the exact description of the gravy. That's the thing about doing a  last year review this year. It was so long ago, I couldn't really recall the taste. My taste bud didn't really like this dish though.. Prefer something soft and moist. Perhaps if I do return there, I'd try something else.

Still, the environment is quite nice. A very comfortable place for family and friends get together. The auntie who served us was very very friendly. She would recommend dishes but not hard sell them and force you to order them. She is also very understanding; would ask if you would like her to split the soup order into two if you wanted to try a variety of dishes between your friends. 

One of the thing I'm very impressed with is the ventilation system! They have an open  kitchen and yet the food and cooking oil aroma does not spill into the dining place. How great is that? No smelling like food and cooking oil when you leave the place ;D

Overall, it is a nice place to hang out but food can be improved. That's my personal opinion. 

Memphis Bistro
Pusat Perdagangan Dana 1
Jalan PJU 1A/46
Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7843 6818.



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