Thursday, 29 March 2018

 // An European Cheeise Experience //

We thought we know it all when it comes to cheese but many of us actually only taste and know of common cheese found in pizza, burger and pasta. Even for me, this European Cheese is a brand new knowledge and experience for me which is totally unlike the common. 

Raclette is a fairly new concept which gathered a lot of attention in Malaysia recently but not many have actually tried it. Therefore, I was actually quite excited to be invited to this European Cheese Raclette Party which not only allow me experience the oozing melted cheese but also a wide range of European Cheese. 

// Chef Pierre Gay - owner of Pierre Gay Fromagerie //

It was a pleasure to have Chef Pierre Gay, a cheese master, cheese connoisseur and expert from France who also owns one of the oldest cheese house in Annecy to bring us through the Raclette concept and also introduce us to 9 different type of European Cheese.

// Raclette Cheese //

"Raclette is a fairly new concept in Malaysia and for a country that loves cheese so much, this is an experience that Malaysians do not want to miss."

"Raclette is a cheese made of cow milk that has been broiled or melted under direct heat until oozy and a bit crispy and usually scraped over potatoes, crunchy vegetables and cured meats."

// European Cheese //

// Cheese Pairing //

Some thinks that there is actually nothing much special about scrapping melted cheese over the food but this is actually provides sensory experience to diners which in turn will heighten the enjoyment of the dish. It is also important to choose the right choice of cheese for a Raclette. Cheese which contains more moisture will be a better choice as they will be able to melt better.

Generally, it would be advised to use European Cheese for Raclettes and the few favourite recommendations are; signature Raclette Cheese, Emmental and Comte.  

// Fourme D'Ambert //

 // Comte //

 // Saint Nectaire //

// Camembert //

 // Brie //

Cheese are not only incorporated into dishes but always can be savoured individually and paired with classy wines or condiments. 

During this Raclette Party organized by the French Interbranch Diary Organization and European Union, to promote the pre-eminence and finesse of European Cheese, I had a chance to really experience cheese which are much more pungent yet savoury in flavour and aroma

 // Reblochon //

  // Gouda //

 // Scarmoza //

// Raclette //

The European Cheese; Brie, Reblochon, Fourme D' Ambert, Comte, Saint Nectaire, Gouda and Scarmoza which were introduced one by one to the table allows me to experience and try out the strong and pungent characteristics individually.

I had a chance to experiment the flavours from the combination of cheese with ingredients which are hot, sweet, spicy, and even meaty. The type of combination flavour with ingredients such as different types of fruits and vegetables, meat, bread, trimming and spices was quite unimaginable until I have actually tasted them.

Although cheese and lamb meat makes a great craving, my favourite goes to cheese with the sweet black grapes. It is no wonder why cheese and wines makes an all time best combination.

// Camembert with Baguette //

 // Reblochon with Mushroom//

Although Fourme D'Ambert makes the most well-known of European Cheese among the commoners for that one type of cheese that apparently smells like worn socks and taste pretty awful, it gave an otherwise impression. The first experience ofFourme D'Ambert to me is just like how the local Malaysia Durian is to the Caucasian. It might smell awful for the first time but once landed on the taste bud, the pungent flavour was indeed savoury and it keeps getting better with more bites. 

// The Legendary Fourme D'Ambert //

// The Legendary Fourme D'Ambert //

Even though that by the end of the savoury meal, I had a hard time recalling the characteristics distinctively, I had a strong imprinted memory of Brie which in my opinion, was one of the most pungent and strong of the lot.   

It was undeniably my first unforgettable pungent cheesie experience with the European and guess what? I have more to savour back home! Who's in for a whole new cheesie experience, hands up!

For those crazy cheese lovers who are already drooling, and looking forward to an elevated European Cheese experience, head to the nearest local premium supermarket to feed your cravings! 

A European Cheese Raclette Experience.



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