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Hi guys! I'm travelling back in time to clear some travel back logs which hopefully, would still be useful for you guys! 😂*fingers crossed*

So, right now, let's travel back to few years back when I was enjoying a sweet holiday in Taiwan which is something I have not done for an awful long time! 😭

It was one of the rare moments when I do not have to plan the itinerary but just enjoy what has been planned for me. Haha.. So let's go!

Whoever get's hungry once they just got off the plane please hands up! *me me me*

Yes, I'm always hungry! So let's get some food first! Also because I am going to Chiayi from Taipei, it's best to fill in the tummy first before continuing with the travel! I'll be transiting from the airport so the only source of food will be from the airport.

Still, they definitely look pretty good to me! One of my favourite food type is Taiwanese foood! Perhaps it's the oriental taste which I love so much! They make everything just so flavourful!

// Dry Dark Sauce Mee Hoon with Minced Meat //

// Mee Hoon Soup with Side Dishes //

// Fried Tofu / Braised Tofu with Minced Meat // Braised Egg //

After filling my tummy, we took the High Speed Rail (HSR) to Chiayi and then a shuttle bus to the Chiayi city since it does not actually stops at the Chiayi City. At Chiayi, we spent approximately two night at Light Hostel to visit the city and also the Old Railway to Alishan.

From Taipei Taoyuan Airpor to Chiayi City:

1. High Speed Rail (HSR): Taipei Taoyuan Airport -> Chiayi 
2. BRT Bus: Chiayi HSR Station -> Chiayi Park / Transit Centre of Chiayi City (it's free with the HSR ticket)
3. Cross the Bridge:  Transit Centre of Chiayi City (Bus Station) -> Chiayi Hou Railway Station

From Chiayi Hou Railway Station to Light Hostel:

You can either take a short taxi ride for NT100 or walk there following the direction at their page: direction to Light Hostel 

 // Light Hostel //

It was a night journey but I'm glad it was't too late and we still manage to find the Light Hostel although getting a little lost at the Transit Centre. I love this place at first sight because it looks hippie and young! Definitely for young traveler like myself. *wink

 // Bicycle Service //

 // Hipster Counter //

Their counter actually looks more like an art station instead with all the deco props and stationaries! Don't you think so? At the lobby, there's also a small corner with bar table overlooking outside. I think it's a very cosy corner for customers at night or even during the day.

Besides the sitting bar, there's a creative corner where they provide their own postcards for free where you can send a snail mail to some one far away, sharing your journey. 💕 They have stamps of their cute mascot as well and I have one marked on my Passport because I know I won't be using much of it after this trip. 😂 Sad but true.

// Lobby Bar //

// Creative Corner //

 // recommendation map //

At the lobby near the entrance, there is also a very thoughtful recommendation map made for sharing. By past tourist for current tourist! Since most of the travelers who stayed here are mostly very independent and young souls, they actually made a lot of recommendations for fun activities and eateries around here at Jiayi. If you have no idea where to go, just refer to this map!

// shoe locker //

To maintain a cleaner environment of the place, this place practices shoe free where all shoes are to be kept at the locker upon entry. I also found another amazing thing right here in this small hostel and it's a luggage lift!!! Haha sorry if I'm a little jakun to find this interesting because I don't come across such thing a lot. Lol. Probably my first as well.

// luggage lift //

Guess which luggage is mine?

  // Double One King Bed //

Tadaa! We're finally in our humble little room! A Double One King Bedroom. Other than this room, they actually offer more bunk bed types. So yes, this place is great for backpackers too!

It says a King Size Bed but it actually kinda feels like a queen to me. HAHAHA! Maybe I'm just too used to lovin' the bed all to myself! Since this is a vacation more than a staycation, the room has all the necessity that I would need.

A comfortable bed and a comfortable AND clean bathroom! I don't know about you but the bathroom is one of the place that could help me de-stress and relax. Lol.

// Wash room //

 // breakfast pantry //

The next day, I walk up to this beautiful rooftop pantry. It's tidy clean and just plain lovely with the a lof of natural lights coming in. Very, very comfortable. Not only for breakfast, it's a place we can hangout at anytime of the day. If you like having breakfast outdoor, that is even possible. Quite a luxury for a small price we paid for. 

// balcony //

 // rooftop pantry //

 // self-service laundry equipment //

Washer and dryer self-service is also available which is a real convenience to travelers. In Taiwan, recycling is also a common practice. Therefore, different recycling bins is prepared for the convenience of tourist.

Besides being a decent place to wit for your laundry, it is also a decent place to enjoy some quiet moments (when there is no one around) and enjoy the light cooling breeze overlooking the alley.

 // rooftop balcony at night //

// balcony night view //

 // meeting & presentation space //

I was actually quite impressed to find out that they have any floor just for leisure and free use! It is actually an underground space. Albeit that ventilation is poorer, they have prepared an air purifier to improve the ventilation for comfortability.

 // relax space //

// work space //

 // baggage room & wash up room //

During travel, many of us who have a late flight face this common problem. An early check-out time which left us feeling a little sticky and sweaty by the late evening but still, we do not have a place we can clean up ourselves. At Light Hostel, I could not mention enough of their thoughtfulness and hospitality.

A baggage room is available for baggage storage after check out and right next to it is a complete shower room! What other place serves you so well even after you check out? The facilities here is amazing and the environment here is super comfortable. I would definitely recommend you guys to book with them!

Besides Chiayi, they are also available at Tainan, Kaosung and Hualien

Oh! Also, I finally tried the much raved about Banana Milk Drink! It's not my favourite though! Because it carries a strong artificial banana flavour! Malaysia's real banana is still the best. 👯

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