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I have probably reviewed tons of beauty products which can improve skin condition through application of skin care or skin treatment but  my favourite will always be trying out beauty supplements intakes.

So what is it that I will be reviewing today? 

The product which I am introducing and reviewing today is a type of oral nutritional supplement, the UV Porcelain Plus by SOS (Science on Skin). The UV Porcelain Plus is a daily beauty regime packed into a single 750mg capsule. It offers some of the most crucial protection and improvement benefits to our skin.

With the worsening environment of our world and the increasing exposure to free radicals especially when we are out at the streets, it has became an obligation to slap on layers of skin protection and skin care in order for our skin to stay beautiful. However, we heard much that sometimes what we apply on our skin might just affect the outer layer and does nothing to our skin in the deeper layer.

Here's when the oral consumption of UV Porcelain Plus seems so promising. A capsule of UV Porcelain Plus a day will be able to provide us with benefits below;
  • Control pigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis in order to brighten, lighten and whiten the complexion.
  • Reduce melanin that is already present in the cells, including those in dark acne scars and freckles, resulting in an overall more balanced skin tone.
  • Blocks off harmful UV rays and provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Reduces sun sensitivity.
  • Lightens and brightens overall skin tone for a luminous, glowing complexion.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production to increase skin elasticity and reduce fine lines.

Manufactured in USA and certified by US FDA, every UV Porcelain Plus capsule contains skin care beneficial ingredients which are scientifically proven:
  • L-glutathione - inhibits melanin production for skin whitening effects.
  • Alpha porcelain - allows the active ingredients to maintain their singular benefits.
  • Vitamin C - fends off signs of ageing and helps promote glow of a skin.
  • Fernblock - effective protection from UV rays.
  • Collagen peptides - helps to rejuvenate skin cells, reduce fine lines and increase skin elasticity.

Believe me, I used to have snow white fair skin. That was until I began to be stubborn and start staying under the sun without any skin protection during trips to the seaside or even staying at the hot and sunny side of the car during long road trips. We all know how hot and harmful Malaysia sun can be but I was unaware of something called pigmentation.

I thought it was too late to regret because there wasn't much which can be done to remove Melasma pigmentation which were known to be stubborn and well burried below layers of the epidermis. The melasma started showing on my skin even from early twenties and it has been many years now. Why is why I am excited to try out this  UV Porcelain Plus Skin Supplement.

My skin and physical condition during the supplement consumption period:
I am considered to be very fair skinned as an asian who lives in this hot tropical country and have been having melasma pigmentation even since during my early 20s due to my love for sun. During the period of supplement consumption, I had late night sleep most of the day which is why I'm censoring my panda eyes *lol* I stay indoor a lot but I also face the computer most the time which means I am still highly exposed to skin damaging. During this period of time, there was also an outburst of acne, leaving behind visible marks of acne scars.

The picture above is a comparison of before and after the period of consumption (21 days) but I felt that it lacks clarity for difference comparison due to slight change of angle captured and also lighting. Hence I will share the experience and observation for better understanding.

If you look really close enough, I actually have 2 patches of melasma; below the corner of my left eyes and also another patch lower. Over the course of time, the pigmentation has lightened by a lot. This is considered a really good improvement considering that I did not have to go through any physical procedure like peeling or laser treatment.

Reduction of pigmentation can also be noticed from my acne scars. My huge acne have left pigmented scars which are very much visible and I notice that the dark shades get lighten much more quickly compare to usual. My skin colour has also improved to be more even and I love how my skin looks so much better with a more even shade all over the face.

I am sure that with a more prolonged consumption, my skin improved skin condition will be more visible. The fact that I love most about it is that at the same time of improving our skin condition, it is also preventing future skin damages on our skin. Also, this does not only apply to the skin on our face but the skin on our whole body as the supplement is spread all over our body.

In comparison, the UV Porcelain Plus capsule supplement seems more promising than the traditional skin care application as I don't really have to worry about absorption just like skin care application on the skin. Second of all, consumption is easy and also requires minimum time and action. Just pop the pill first things in the morning when I wake up and it is done! 

I would recommend this to those who are facing issues with skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and who are always busy as the price is actually quite affordable for a one month supplement at RM399.00 for 1 box (30 capsules). Try it out to get beautiful and younger skin today!

SOS UV Porcelain +



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