Friday, 24 November 2017

I finally got to try this product and took the time to share my review on the Kerastase Nutritive Treatment! In fact, I've already used it up to the very last drop! <3

I received this love last year and blogged in detail about the whole set and it's benefit but not yet the review after trying out the whole st of Kerastase Nutritive Treatment which consist of;
  • NECTAR THERMIQUE (repair cream)

My hair condition is at it's wrecked stage having gone through so much bleaching and colouring. I have tried out so many different hair care products which range from drugstore own brand to supermarket brands. During these period of trial, the best state my hair got to was less tangled and less dry. Hair was less manageable during shampooing but only got better after application of conditioner.

However, things were different when I use the Kerastase Nutritive Treatment. I am amazed that even during the shampoo step, I could run my fingers through my hair easily with very little difficulty. I use the hair mask and hair conditioner alternatively every hair wash depending on condition.

Hair cream is applied as the last step on my towel-dried hair before drying off with the hairdryer. My hair would usually be unruly and a little wavy after drying with other products but the last step of applying Kerastase hair cream lead to my hair looking presentable even without having to go through the iron.

I have got to say this is the best hair care product  I have used yet and it came right on time during my hair's worst condition! It highly recommend Kerastase Nutritive Treatment for those who are facing the worst hair condition of your life or those who have dry hair or even damaged hair caused by bleaching and colouring like mine.

Although it might be a little pricey but rest assured, what you paid is what you get. :)


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