Tuesday, 21 November 2017

I'm shy to admit, that I was a virgin...
at eyelash extension. *tsk tsk* What were you thinking?

 // before //

Oh well, since I'm out of the closet, I might as well share about my first Japanese Eyelash Extension which is also a new service at Daisuke Salon!

To be honest, eyelash extension was something I used to be skeptical to try. I have not heard about it in detail but little bits of the story here and there. Through observations as well, I notice that they tend to drop off very quickly every now and then and the leftovers would make the eyelashes so horrible because everything looks so uneven then.

Having tried fake eyelashes as well, I didn't really feel comfortable with the weight and also the bits that overshadow my sight. I thought it was similar. Yes, no?

 // japanese eyelash extension //

Well, there's no better answer than to try it out for myself. Finally, I decided to brave myself so that I can share the experience with all of you out there who are as curious as I am. (; 

Now I sound like katak dibawah tempurung. *roll eyes*

 // after //

Verdict; where was I and what was I thinking!?

It seems like I was worried for nothing and I could not be more relieved that I had my first eyelash extension at Daisuke Salon under well trained hands. Everything was practically imported from JapanRene who was the eyelash extension stylist had received training in Tokyo for Japanese eyelash extension technique and all materials used in the process; mink lashes and glue are imported from Japan as well.

// japanese eyelash extension //

The whole process usually takes approximately 2 hours and I can't believe that it was so comfortable that I keep falling asleep. #truestory However, for my case it took slightly more than 2 hours because of a tiny complication. My natural lashes were a little too thin and weak which makes supporting the mink lashes a little tough. I'm glad they still turn out well in the end. *wide smile*

Rene is someone who is very observant, understanding and delicate. There was no discomfort during the procedure and Rene never fail to ask if there was anything wrong whenever she notice I made a movement.

// before & after //

Comparing the before and after; it does shows a lot of difference not only in the eyelashes but the whole facial look.

I once asked a friend what is that one step she will not miss before leaving the house if she does not have time for a full make-up. Her answer was 'Mascara' but I couldn't figure out why until now. Beautiful lashes does makes a lot of difference.

 // without makeup //

 // without makeup //

Even without make-up, long, curvy and thicker lashes portrays a lustful feminine look that is bound to give an attractive impression. The are two different shaped mink lashes choice; C-shape which is curlier and J-shape which is less. The one I have on is C-shape. Initially, I thought it would be really dramatic but Rene assure me that it will not be and she is so right! <3

It just gave natural a more beautiful description.

 // without makeup // 

// with eyeliner & light lips colour //

If you feel tempted right now, you should really make an appointment with them now. Get your eyelashes fixed or try it out at least once! It's the time of the year where you need to be pretty for travel photos, parties and gatherings! <3

Quote *TENSHI* for 20% discount on top of their launching price RM208!

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