Thursday, 28 September 2017

Heyyoooo! Guys, I'm back! Like finally, right? Lol.. I'm sorry for being missing for so long! It was a very very tiring and packed week indeed with one of the most anticipated wedding among our friends. However, I didn't expect to fall sick. :( 

Definitely sign of overworked (...and not sign of old age, right? right?)

// MET a space pod at Little India // 

Let's get right to it! I know most of you are looking forward to this post for my short trip to Singapore. Are you ready to fly with me to MET a space pod? Let's go!

Our destination for this mission is Station 51 at Little India. Do you copy?

// Let's enter the Space Station! //

MET a Space Pod have 2 stations, one at Little India which we are going to explore and the other at Boat Quay. Both have their differences and I will tell why we're going to the one in Little India in abit!

// Space Station & Space Pod //

// Do you see me? //

The space station is much larger than I expected. It consist of two floors and on each floor, a space pod in stacked on top on the other. The specialty of this space station at Little India is that it has double pods as well instead of just single pods. In terms of spaciousness, the double pods are of course double the space in comparison with the single pods.

I was relieved that they have a double pod option because I was a little doubtful about the comfort level in this "confined" space for single pods but it proved me wrong. The single pod is comfortable enough for the occupancy of one person and sames goes to the double pod.

// Double Pod //

The space station is fully air-conditioned and set at a comfortable degree. Ventilation and air-condition in the pod itself can be controlled inside each individual pods. It takes a bit of time for the room to cool down once the air-condition is turned on. However, if it is still too warm for your liking, the staff will assist to bring down the temperature of the station to better cool your pod.

// Space Pod Control //

The space pod control gets a lot of cookie points from me. I was really impressed with all the controls available; blue light & white light, air condition, and door lock button. It was not just an on off button for the lights but a control to set the dimness of the lights! There is also a mini safe and universal + usb points available. The plug points are a total savior during travels and I don't understand why most accommodations around the world still do not provide universal plug points. That would save us so much hassle of looking for the universal plug every time we travel.

// Pretending to be navigating the television //

I was taken by surprise to find that every pod is actually equipped with a wall mounted television set. I don't think this was ever a privilege for travelers who opt for backpacker lodge or bunk bed like accommodations.

However, it is a little disappointing that the control was not user friendly for people who is a total banana like me. The navigation is in Chinese language which makes it impossible for me to do any selection or navigation. Good thing it doesn't really matter to me as I'd be spending most of the time touring outside.

// Good night! //

All the extra aside, the pod is actually quite comfortable for a night rest. The pillow and comforter is nothing but soft and fluffy! I was delighted to experience the comfortable leg room available in the pod. Yay for the tall people! Haha.  

// Station Cafe //

// Station Cafe //

For people who would like to hangout or do some work outside their pod, there is a common area free for use. This will also be the place where breakfast is served the next morning.

 // Up and ready for breakfast! //

 // Complimentary Breakfast Set //

Did anyone mention breakfast? This breakfast set was complimentary with the booking of the pod. One for each person which I feel is quite a generous breakfast because most of the time, breakfast is not offered for backpacker lodge / really affordable accommodations. At most, the common complimentary breakfast would be cereal / milk / coffee / toast with jam. 

Doing a last minute check before leaving my pod! This mirror is definitely for girls! Wide enough with circular illumination which is good for make up. Hehe..

One last thing I woould like to share is the shower & restroom. (because I'm really, really particular about the cleanliness and this is for hygiene freaks like me. Haha..) Good news is, the cleanliness during my visit is tip top! Everything is very clean and there was no dirt stain. Perhaps it's because the place is still very new. Do update me if you find it otherwise during your stay.

For those driving over to Singapore, here's another good news for you. Parking is ample by the roadside. The only issue is just that you would need to get parking coupon for your car.

Overall, it is very comfortable stay. Would I come back again? Definitely will if they upkeep their cleanliness and hospitality level. MET the Space Pod wins over backpacker lodge for their comfort, privacy and facility quality.

Please do share your experience too if you happen to stay at MET a space pod! I definitely love to hear about it!

 MET a space pod @ Little India

a: 424, Race Course Rd, 218670 Singapore. 

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  1. Woos! This is interesting! I am from Singapore but I didn't know about this. :3