Saturday, 30 September 2017

It has been raining almost everyday recently and I thought you might need some colours to cheer you up. ^^ 

While I was at Singapore, I coincidentally stumble upon a few colourful buildings which are within walking distance. It is actually few of the many beautiful landmarks of Singapore which tourist are fascinated with. 

// Market of Haji Lane //

First up, you might want to drop by Haji Lane. Pick weekends if you want to go shopping and Monday if you want to get some serene and quiet portrait shots.

Haji Lane is one of the upcoming tourist attraction filled with nostalgic memories hidden in this fast paced country. Here, you might find an old wooden door, a bicycle, an old lane, a wall mural which is worth your camera's glance. 

An instagram worthy spot.

  // Colours of Haji Lane//

 // Haji Lane Hipster Cafe & Bar //

On some nooks and corners, you will stumble upon a few hipster cafe and bar to chill out with your friends under the sun. The murals are beautifully drawn with their own identity, it's bound to capture your attention as you pass by.

  // Haji Lane Hipster Cafe & Bar //

// Rocher Centre Colour Flats // 

At the crossroad near Haji Lane, you will find the perfect spot to capture all four colours of the Rocher Centre Colour Flats. I like how they played with the gradients of colours instead of just a single tone for the whole building or the common paint pattern.  

// Bugis Street Colourful Staircase // 

Thirdly, you might want to check out these colourful staircase to heaven! The milky colours are somewhat relaxing and attractive to me. These colourful staircase can be found along the alleyway just beside the bustling Bugis Street.

Colourful Buildings of Singapore.

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