Thursday, 14 September 2017

People always say that the grass is greener on the other side which is why I've crossed the border to try out St.Marc Cafe at Singapore. *insert laugh cry icon* Actually it's just me being dumb because I forgot that there's a St.Marc Cafe in Malaysia. =/ 

... but, let's see if there's any difference!

// St.Marc Cafe Classic Fuji / Gion / Choco Banana Fuji // 

Unlike most commercial cafes which we have around in Malaysia, St.Marc actually has a lot to offer! Their menu range from coffee, drinks, toasties and a whole lot of Japanese desserts! I'm here specifically to check out their best selling Matcha Chococro! Yes, I'm specifically on a dessert and matcha hunt this trip!

 // St.Marc Cafe Mango Fantasy / Strawberry Heaven / Choco Berry Celebration // 

St.Marc Cafe range of desserts go from parfait of different flavours such as Mango, Strawberry and Chocolate to classic selection such as Fuji Selection which is soft serve on a butter danish, and classic Japanese Dessert bowl, Gion

The pudding on the parfaits looks tempting, doesn't it? Reminds me of Gudetama. Hehe..

 // St.Marc Cafe Chococro Range // 

Target found and locked! So this is their Chococro flavour range - in-house made croissants which has a nice crispy layers to it and has different flavour fillings in the center. The Chococro is available in a few flavours such as Banana, Caramel, Strawberry and a few others. 

 // Toastie set (Mozzarella Cheese n' Tomato Toastie + Chips + Coffee) & Matcha Chococro //

I ordered a Toastie set which comprise of; a toastie + a drink (coffee / tea) + a snack (chococro / chips / banana ) for $10. It is of course better to go for the set as the toastie alone cost $6.50. Selection for toasties are; Mac n' Cheese, Salmon Wasabi, Peanut Butter Banana, Spicy Tuna, Chicken Basil, Mozzarella Cheese n' Tomato, Beef, and Curry Sausage n' Egg.

I ordered the Chicken Basil but they gave me Mozzarella Cheese n' Tomato toastie instead. The toastie could be better if it was warmed much longer as the Mozzarella Cheese didn't completely melt and some of it still feel cold. On the other hand, the chips was quite good though. Coffee is also better than average chain coffee available in Malaysia.

  // Toastie set (Mozzarella Cheese n' Tomato Toastie + Chips + Coffee) & Matcha Chococro //

The Matcha Chococro is quite a snack and I would definitely have it again! In fact, the Chococro is their signature pastry which is even carved into their logo. True to their origin, the Matcha Chococro did not disappoint one bit. The pastries are freshly made everyday and said to be kept only for 3 hours.

The filling inside reminds me of kaya spread (coconut jam). The texture of the filling is sweet and creamy, taste a like blend of kaya spread without the taste or aroma of coconut but light pandan leave with a hint of matcha flavour. 

// Me & my Matcha Chococro //

// Matcha Chococro // 

 // Matcha Chococro // 

Overall, I had a nice experience and enjoyed myself there. Will definitely be back to check out on their other cooling desserts! Maybe next time, I would visit St.Marc in Malaysia instead because the price seems to be cheaper. *wink* One matcha dessert crossed out from my check list during my Singapore visit! Stay tune for more updates! 

For my Sinagapore Matcha & other dessert checklist, please follow my Foursquare guide here:

St.Marc Cafe, Singapore.

a: Marina Square / Vivo City

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