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It's my second short trip to Sekinchan. There's not many places I could escape to on every Monday when all I have is a one day off a week and no holiday leaves! *cries* So all I can do is dig up local trips I can reach and enjoy in  a day's time!

The last time I was at Sekinchan was on a homestay trip with my group of friends and most of the time, we just stayed in the accommodation itself. Read all about it here: 072: Sekinchan Weekend Trip! This time, I spent more time going around this little place, discovering new place of interest.

First up, it's got to be about food! Food is every tourist's source of energy, agree? Haha.. I surveyed around for recommended restaurants as below;
  • Redang Station No 15 - was well known for the really affordable oyster and other sea food available. However, recent reviews mentioned that prices went up a lot and customer service has turned really bad. So it's a skip for me.
  • Restaurant Cha Po Tion - a lot of food bloggers recommended this place and I had a crazy tough time looking for it (round and round) but I finally gave up because I think this place has probably closed down. Last review I saw on foursquare was on 30 Dec 2015. Sad.
  • Loong Hua Seafood - this is probably the next best thing I could find on foursquare but seems like quality dropped as well. However, the place was closed on Mondays. :( 
I end up going for this place recommended by the locals, taste of the Sekinchan locals.

// Sweet and Spicy Sauce Fish // 

Restaurant Guan Hwat

This local eatery must have been around for quite sometime, taking into account that it was build with wooden planks, just like how most old shop lots in small towns were built before 80s. Since many of the few which I wanted to try was not available, I gave in and try out this local's favourite. It does not have a large signboard but it can be easily identified by it's blue walls.

I wanted really badly to feast on Mantis Shrimp this trip but it was just now available everywhere right then. Sad. I finally settle on their recommended Sweet and spicy sauce fish and also the dried chilli fried cuttlefish

// Dried Chilli Fried Cuttlefish //

However, I have to admit that there was nothing to shout about. The dishes taste really ordinary. Perhaps they were cooked to the local flavour of simplicity.

Address: Lot 2942, Jalan Teowchow, Bagan Sekinchan, Malaysia.
Tel: +6016688 2609
Hours: Monday to Sunday 7.30 am - 2.00pm; Tuesday Close
Website: -

Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan

Lunch done, so it's time to do some visiting! The last time I visited this Rice Factory, it was a really brief trip to get some souvenirs. This time around, I purchased ticket to enjoy their little tour to know more about "rice"! Yumm.. 

// Rice Plant Seedling Tractor //

// Rice Processing Factory Tour //

If I'm not mistaken, ticket price is around RM5 for a tour + little small rice gift pack. The tour covers an introduction video about how rice was planted to the processed of it being packed for commercial sale. Then, there will be a guide to further explain on the rice processing in the factory. You will also get to see all the tools used in the olden days. 

It's interesting to know, since rice is something we Asians eat everyday, practically.

There is a merchandise store which you will be lead to at the end of the tour. Those who did not join the tour can also access it from another entry. They really have a lot of different rice types, noodles types, sauce types, crackers and many more which you can purchase for own consumption or as little gifts for family. The pearl rice here is famous and the mee suah is very much recommended!

They also have this Chendol ABC which you should really try especially when the weather is so hot here! It's different from the usual ones available because rice is added in there. Yumms! Definitely a must try for those who have not tried having rice in their chendols or ABC. Portion is pretty huge and is good for sharing between 2 person.

The other place which offers rice as an ingredient in their chendol is the famous Haji Shariff in Seremban which sold out pretty quickly everyday.

Address: Lot No 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 3243 6558 / +6016 205 6558
Hours: -

Mango King

This place is Mango heaven! There were lots of Mango available to choose from during visit (the good thing about visiting on a Monday ^^v ) but I'm not some one who knows how to choose the best out of the lot. Luckily, the people here are really friendly and very genuine about choosing really good mango for their customers. They will also advice on the ripeness of Mango. So feel free to let them know if you want mango to be consumed immediately or a few days later.

There were 2 types available and I bought both types! Both tasted really nice and sweet! The flesh was smooth and it's the types without the fibers which I dislike. So, yes, I would very much recommend you to buy some! Other than fresh mangoes, they also have other tit bits, biscuits and mango desserts available such as Crush Ice Mango, Mango Smoothie, Mango Puree and etc.

it is adviced to come early during holidays or the weekends when tourist crowd is everywhere because they do run out very quickly!

Address: No.248, Lorong Empat, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6019 303 9406
Hours: 9.00 am - 7.00pm

N.16 Cafe

This is a new hipster cafe and also a new tourist spot in Sekinchan. I think it open it's door just this year as the awareness and the management of the place was still new during my visit this April (4 months ago). I have listed this place for my coffee break in between the trip but was a little disappointed that they are not serving coffee or cakes (although it was in their menu) during my visit. Only thing available were bottled soft drinks and also their Grilled Chicken Chop Set served with rice / pasta.

I like how the interior was built to create a nostalgic environment. Got to say it is very instagram worthy and definitely a nice place to chill out for date (minus big noisy crowd and the less cooling temperature). The best time to visit is definitely cloudy days and also during sunset in my opnion because lower temperature makes all the difference, or else, it could be quite a nuisance to the mood.

Did I mention that they have a quint little corner outside too? Albeit being a little small, it's great for relaxing when the place is not crowded. Instagram worthy and great spot overlooking the green paddy field. Did I mention instagram worthy? Hehe.. Prepare for more photos below..

I would very much recommend this place even for a short visit but I hope they could upgrade their air-cond unit and would have more food in their menu soon.

Address: (along) Jalan Tali Air 4, Kampung Parit Empat, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +6010 254 6268
Hours: 11.00 am - 9.00pm Thursday to Monday

Pantai Redang (Redang Beach)

Pantai Redang is a place I never knew existed until I browse around foursquare on places to visit in Sekinchan. The water there is not exactly clean as it is near to a fishing village. So instead, the famous activity to do here would be to fly kites! This scenery can be seen when there is a huge visiting crowd. 

One very famous activity here is to have a wish upon the wishing tree! I didn't get a chance to do it but I suppose you can get those red ribbons from the tiny temple beside it. I think it looks really gorgeous and hopefully everyone's wish come true soon!

This Coca-Cola Container is a new pretty addition to the beach. This is actually a shop selling souvenirs to commemorate tourist travel to Sekinchan. There is also a small swing at the entrance which is an insta worthy spot as well. 

There are also food stall along the beach where you can just have a sip and small bites while enjoying the sea breeze.

Address: No.25, Jalan Jpt, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: -
Website: - 

Mimi Fishballs (non-halal)

Remember to drop by this fishball factory to purchase the delicious fishballs, fishcakes and yong tau foo which can be easily cooked and served for meal. Advised to come early for more selection and also for fresher options as freshness level could drop after being displayed in room temperature for a long time.

Address: No.A70 Bagan Lorong 3 Kampong Sekinchang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6012 436 6420
Hours: -
Website: - 

Restaurant Chao Ren

Second round of seafood at Restaurant Chao Ren before leaving this humble town! The lunch session was not very satisfying and it is saddening to not be able to find hot spot restuarants during the first round. Finally decided to try out this place as it looks quite promising!

Hoping to find Mantis Shrimp here but again, it was not available. It was probably not in season or that none was eating the fisherman's net during the earlier catch. Still, it was not bad to feast on fresh crab and prawns! We have the crabs fried with dry chilli while prawns steamed with rice wine.

Both dishes were well cooked and tasted really good, and not to mention very fresh too! The sweetness can be tasted from the seafood's meat. Price is reasonable as well. Recommended for you to try out! 

Address: No.125, Jalan Bagan, Bagan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6016 303 0313
Hours: 3.00pm - 12.00am Daily
Website: - 

This marks the end of my day trip to Sekinchan! If you're too lazy to figure out an itinerary, feel free to visit the places recommended above or you could just refer to my Sekinchan Foursquare guide here! <3

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