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It's been some time since I did a beauty review. So here's one I would really like to share about! If you follow me long enough, you would know that I do not usually use foundation but always prefer to use BB Cream instead because they offer more benefits in there rather than just coverage. Some comes with moisturizer function while some are infused with sunblock function.

I've recently just received a beauty parcel and I'm really excited to share about this Rose Energy Cream - April 22. It fits my criteria of a makeup base perfectly as it gives a light coverage which balance uneven skin tone and also enhance my natural skin colour. <3 

// April 22 Rose Energy Cream //

The beauty in a bottle, Rose Energy Cream has 5 functions:
  • Make-up Base
  • Light Concealer
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunblock with spf 30++
  • Skin Repair
This 5-in-1 function cream sure reduce a lot of time needed to prep my face before make up. As listed above, it also contains moisturizer. However, for dry skin like mine, I would still apply moisturizer on my skin before applying a base make-up layer. Still, I am happy that Rose Energy Cream is infused with moisturizer as it prevents drying up and caking up of the make-up base. It also contains rose extract which is known for being a powerful antioxidant besides keeping skin hydrated and moisturized at all times. 

Sunblock with spf 30++ is actually enough for most of us. Spf which is short for Sun Protective Factor measure the amount of time it takes before the skin starts to burn. Hence anything more than Spf 30++ does not give any significant difference. Even though we might be indoor most of the time while wearing make-up, our skin will still be exposed to UV rays from flourescent bulbs and also sun rays peeking through the window.

Most make-up base only leads to a worse skin condition as they are known to block our pores and contain chemicals which are bad for our skin. It is indeed delightful to be applying make-up base on my skin while knowing that the cream will not only NOT block my pores and not destroy my skin but instead promotes skin repair! This was made possible with EGF (Epridermal Growth Factor) as the main ingredient which is beneficial in skin rejuvenation and tissue repair.

// April 22 Rose Energy Cream Brush Applicator//

The product comes with a application brush which is recommended to be used together. It assist in even application on the skin and is also more hygienic and prevents contamination because if we use our finger to apply all different ingredients on our face without washing, the different ingredients left on our finger will contaminate the next product which we will apply on our skin. The brush is soft on our skin but the many bristles makes the brush feel solid during application. 

// Before Application // 

Sorry if this face scares you but truth to be told, this is how my worn out face looks like when I only get to sleep after 2 am in the morning continuously for one week. Which explains why I need something like Rose Energy Cream to lightly mask my sleep deprived look. It is definitely rude to be roaming outside with a face like this, scaring people on the street, not to mention going to work like this when I have to face customers. 

So let's get to work! I mean prepping my face for work or just any day out!

// April 22 Rose Energy Cream Pump Bottle //

// Apply evenly with the assistance of brush // 

For this demonstration, I will apply the cream on half my face to show a comparison. Firstly, I would pump it on to the back of my hand and apply it on a few area on my bare skin.  Then I will distribute it evenly on my skin with the assistance of the soft application brush. The texture is really light which makes application so much easier and evenly.

 // Before Application //

 // After Application //

I love the light coverage which does not hide my face like a mask. The light coverage is just right at balancing my uneven skin tones and also the dark ring around my tired eye. Just one step and now I have a brighter and more awake look! This is what I call enhancing your own natural beauty. Besides, I do not even have to worry about which shade to choose because there is only one shade of cream! The cream shade blends in really well with our natural skin in just a few minutes after application. The cream was just applied on my face but the shade matches the skin on my neck without showing any difference! 

// Comparison of left - after & right - before // 

Even with just the application of this Rose Energy Cream, it is enough to give me confidence to walk out to the street without having the feeling of too much self-consciousness, afraid that I might get stares from people because of my tired face. I like how it looks natural like without any coverage applicaiton at all. However, it is always a courtesy to have a full make-up on even though a light one when one's work revolves around meeting people.

// Exhausted Tired Face //

// Full Make-up Look with Rose Energy Cream //

I have been using it for a week now and I like the fact that the cream feel like really light on my skin as if I did not apply on anything. It stays firm throughout the day without turning greasy at all. Overall, it is a product I would let stay on my skin without having to worry about eagerly removing it by the end of the day. So far, I have also not encounter any sensitivity from it even though my skin is of sensitive type, meaning to say, I am definitely using it at ease.

// Full Make-up Look with Rose Energy Cream //

// Full Make-up Look with Rose Energy Cream //

// Career Woman / Cabin Crew Look //

This Rose Energy Cream, you might have some doubt about it but rest assured, the product is a genuine brand, registered under BPFK / KKM and has pass legitimate SGS lab test to prove that there is no mercury or harmful ingredients infused in this product.

Truth to be told, Rose Energy Cream is actually categorized as a skincare product which provides a makeup effect. Amazing isn't it? If you are interested to try it for yourself, you can drop them a message on their facebook or purchase it directly from their website, listed below. 

Each bottle contains 40ml of Rose Energy Cream, comes with a brush and retails for RM249.

Do share you experience with me too once you have tried it!

April 22 - Rose Energy Cream

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