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Finally, Swanicoco is here in Malaysia and I'm fortunate enough to witness the launching of this leading cosmetic brand from South Korea! You might ask, what's the big deal since there's already many Korean brands which are already making waves in the beauty industry? Well, if you do not know, unlike most of the beauty brands, Swanicoco uses natural bio ingredients in replacement of artificial chemical ingredients!

Swanicoco made a debut in Watsons store nationwide yesterday with an official launch officiated by Caryn Loh, General Manager (Country Head) of Watsons Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director, Watsons Malaysia, Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading, Watsons Malaysia, Kevin Hyun, General Manager of Swanicoco Korea and Charles Kim, Managing Director of MOVE S&C,

A live skin care routine demonstration session was also conducted by Miss Adia Song, to let us understand better the right steps to apply Swanicoco's product range for maximum benefit. Some of Swanicoco's recommended product range includes the Bitamin E extra matt emulsion, Pore Clearance, A.C control care skin toner, best seller Gold plant stem pure ampoule, RH-EGF Pure ampoule.

As mentioned, Swanicoco's products stands out from the rest with their focus on natural bio ingredients. Their direction branch out from simple natural soup making to moving on to skin toner, lotions and essences, slowly replacing ordinary cosmetic products with artificial chemical ingredients.

Swanicoco has wowed us with their natural ingredient skin care products which are terminologically safe, no skin side effects and earth-friendly. These are perfect for sensitive skin users as they also get to enjoy the excellent benefits of skin care such as skin cell regeneration, oil controlling without any worry as these skin care ingredients are derived from organic herbal and botanical sourced from all over the world. 

// A.C Control, Pore Clearance & Beer Bubble Pack //

Check out some of their best sellers below;
  • A.C Control Care Skin Toner & Emulsion (120ml/RM18.90) - main ingredients of tea tree leaf water / ceramides for antibacterial and antibiotic prevention and calming of pimples. Recommended especially for hypoallergenic sebum care for sensitive skin.
  • Pore Clearance (100ml/RM62.90) - main ingredients of vegetable extracts & vegetable oil for removing sebum and pore care. Recommended for troubled skin with blocked pores, widened pores and bad skin condition due to frequent outdoor activities.
  • Beer Bubble Pack (100ml/RM106.90) - for pore care and gives nutrition and moisturizing. Recommended for stressed skin with bumpy skin texture, greasy skin and blackhead & whitehead problems.
// Bitamin C Calm Down Skin Toner & Emulsion and Multi Solution Triple-V Ampoule //

  • Bitamin C Calm Down Skin Toner (120ml/RM104.9) - main ingredients of fermented extracts and bio ingredients such as herbal extracts and oil to calm down troublesome skin and provide nourishment. It is recommended to those with sensitive skin,  rough skin texture, and dry skin.
  • Multi Solution Triple-V Ampoule (50ml/RM210.90) - main ingredients of Sea Buckthorn and Saccharum extract which has a double function of skin whitening and wrinkle care. It is recommended for those who has rough dry skin, uneven, dark and dull skin, sagging skin as it provides all-in-one moisture, nourishment whitening and elasticity.

// Intensive Vital Swan Cream & Extra Hydrating Swan Cream //

  • Intensive Vital Swan Cream (50ml/RM126.90) - main ingredients of Poria  cocos extracts / Angelica dahurica root extracts to improve skin tone and moisture supply. Recommended for dry skin as it is less oily naturally.
  • Extra Hydrating Swan Cream (50ml/RM126.90) - main ingredients of oil certified under organic farming and fermented extracts which provides high moisture for severely dry skin.

//  Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule & Perfect Pore Remove Clear Peeling Pack //

  • Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule (40ml/RM253.90) - main ingredients are cultivated wild ginseng stem cell root and gold extracts for controlling elasticity and damages on skin while keeping moisture and improving skin tone and nourishment. It is a luxury treatment recommended as intensive care for dry and rough skin, damaged skin, and sensitive skin.
  • Perfect Pore Remove Clear Peeling Pack (70g/RM115.90) - recommended for sensitive skin users who want to have more sebum care and also those with imbalance oil and moisture combination skin and blackhead problems.

// Real Essential Hydro Balancing Oil, Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule & Multi Solution Triple-V Ampoule //

  • Real Essential Hydro Balancing Oil (17g/RM16.90) - main ingredients are sunflower seed oil / olive oil which provides increase nutrients absoprtion, prevents moisture evaporation and control dryness. It can be used in combination with daily skincare products, for dry and rough hair, with makeup base and also weak nails.
The star product of Swanicoco is the Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule while the highly recommended are Multi Solution Triple-V Ampoule and the Real Essential Hydro Balancing Oil

// Best Seller Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule //

// Best Seller Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule //

Swanicoco is highly recommended for sensitive skin users and also those who prefer to use natural skin care products. The product range can be found at selected Watsons stores and also Watsons online store as they are only exclusively available at these selected places. 

While you're off to check out this new amazing natural ingredients skin care which has just landed in Malaysia, I'm off to try out the Extra Hydrating Swan Cream that my dry skin is screaming for.

Swanicoco - Nature Bio Cosmetics

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