Friday, 28 April 2017

Cheesy drinks are spreading like wildfire in the local scene! One after another, brands offering Cheese Drinks are sprouting in just a short period of time. Joining in just recently is Regiustea, a Hong Kong pioneer in the market which already has about 73 outlets worldwide!

The first branch in Malaysia was launched just beside the Sunway Velocity, Cheras. It consist of 2 floors for comfortable seating on both levels.

// Reguistea Beverage Menu & Price // 

Choices of drinks are pretty similar but with a twist of it's own from Cheese Tea and Cheese Coffee Drinks to their special Reguis Durian and Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan) Milk Tea. Durian Lovers, now it's your favourite fruit in a drink! Drink it and let me know if it gives you durian breath! Haha..

For matcha lovers, available is also the Uji Matcha Latte range; Uji Matcha /  Reguis Uji Matcha / Red Bean Uji Matcha / Oreo Uji Matcha Cheese.

This time around, I ordered an Uji Matcha Regius Cheese and a Regius Coffee (without cheese foam), both available at RM12.90 each. Let's try it and see how it fare!

Regius Coffee: Ice Milk Coffee with Cream + Coffee syrup on top. The Coffee was milky and sweet, definitely the choice for those who like syrup coffee!

 // Uji Matcha Regius Cheese //

Uji Matcha Regius Cheese: Ice Matcha Latte + Cheese Cream Foam on top. This was not really my cup of tea as the flavour of the uji matcha seems to be different from those I have tasted from Japan before. I felt that the uji matcha here taste similar to artificial matcha flavour. However, the mixing of uji matcha drink away from Japan can be a very individual preference hence, there's no judging on the taste.

The Cheese foam on top is very thick with a hint of cheese flavour. Although I would prefer the cream foam thickness to be lighter, this is good news for those who crave for thick creamy cheese foam for a maximum diary experience satisfaction! *wink

The cafe plays up a simple industrial cement and contemporary brick style. The simple design cancels out distractions and promotes comfort to be used as gathering or work space. 

 // Regius Tea - Cheese Tea //

Have you tried it yet? If you have not, hurry over this weekend while the queue is still bearable! During my time of visit, there was just short queue. Share your thought on your drinks with me if you ever drop by for visit! :)


a: Sunway Velocity ,Lingkaran SV 55100 Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan



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