Thursday, 20 April 2017

I used to have a healthier lifestyle with yoga practice in my schedule twice a week. Well, that was 2 years ago. I have to admit that life without exercise is taking a toll on my body and I am feeling the urge for a change towards a more active lifestyle (but has been procrastinating).

Just 2 weeks ago, I joined a challenge in an event which require me to do as many times as possible a squat in 1 minute. 1 minute sounded so short but right at the end, I was praying the last 10 seconds was just 1 second. I managed 40 squats in that 1 minute and it left a big impact on my body. My thigh muscle hurts so bad for a week and it was like a wake up call. Hello there, time for some exercise~

It seems like motivation is pushing me harder. Kérastase came knocking on my door with an invitation for a session of Aerial Yoga, something I have not heard but I have to admit it is something I'm excited to discover.

Often, many people only take care of their body well-being but neglect the well-being of their scalp and hair. I am some one who's day can be ruined by a bad hair day, which is why good hair condition is equally important to me. 

The Aura Botanica hair care range consist of;
  • Bain Micellaire (250ml/RM100) - gentle aromatic shampoo // 97% naturally derived
  • Soin Fondamental (200ml/RM110) - intense moisturizing conditioner // 97% naturally derived
  • Concentrate Essentiel (50ml/RM105) - aromatic nourishing oil blend // 99% naturally derived
// Nude Touch - 48H Durable Nutrition //

The Aura Botanica hair care range is made up of at least 97% naturally derived ingredients such as Samoan Coconut OilMoroccan Argan Oil, and Sensual Fragrance. Almost all natural, for a natural hair touch.
  • Samoan Coconut Oil hydrate and protect hair at the same time, leaving it supple but yet durable at the same time.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil with active ingredients Omega 6 and 9, delivers softness and natural glow with every application.
  • Sensual Fragrance with a note of citrus and herbs for an uplifting aroma and soothing floral for a soothing experience. 
// Lightweight - 72H Anti-Frizz Control //

Aura Botanica is a new breakthrough formula with no silicone or sulfates promoting;
  • 48 hours of nude touch hair, like purely uncoated but still durable at the same time.
  • 72 hours of light weight frizz free hair, so smooth to the touch, it feels lively.
  • 4x shinier hair with a healthier glow,  so bye bye to dry dull hair!
// Remarkable Glow - 4x Shinier Hair //

// with yoga instructor, Nicole //

Just like after a session of fruitful yoga, I'm looking forward to experience an uplifted mood and healthier physical after trying out the Aura Botanica range! Mmmmh... it should be full on natural goodness ^^

// Awesome healthy natural breakfast from Rawsome //

Currently there is a special promotion in this month of April where you will be eligible to get a set of Aura Botanica for only RM268 (N/P: RM315) Locate for the nearest Kérastase salon here: or you could try out by getting a sample here:

Kérastase Aura Botanica

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