Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Yet another Japanese cheese fever have landed in Malaysia! Everyone just can't get enough of cheese! Usually in food but now real cheese in drinks too! Japanese are known for their light but aromatic flavours. Let's see what Chizu has to offer!

There were groups and couple of people standing everywhere all around the Chizu kiosk when I visited on a weekend. It was clearly visible even from the floors above. So, what to order? Their Cheese Tea definitely! If you are not fond of it, they also offer other cheese drinks, coffee and fruit tea.

Their recommended signature drinks are; Roasted Oolong Tea / Season Tea Cheese / Blackcurrent Cheese / Oreo Banana Cheese / Matcha Red Bean / Coffee Latte Cheese.

It was quite a wait but drinks were being churned out quickly to greet the waiting customers. Finally it's my turn to collect my Cheese Tea: Jasmine Green Tea Regular! Jasmine Green Tea has always been my favourite because of the light but aromatic flavour!

Initially, I wanted to try their signature, the Super Flavour but luck wasn't on my side. That option was sold out! I should really drop by early to order it next time! However, for those who are not too fond of strong cheese foam on your drink, you can go for the Regular or Less Cheese.

Can't wait to try it! During collection, the staff will inform of the best way to enjoy your cup of Chizu! First, push the lid below and sip the cheese foam (taste heavenly!) Second, sip the cheese foam together with the tea below. Third, you can choose to shake the cup to mix the cheese foam with the tea

My not-so-much of a foam mustache! Hahaha! Perhaps you can do better than me! So how did it fare? Well, as mentioned above, Jasmine Green Tea was my cup of tea and also cream foam on milk! Just as what I expected of Chizu, the mediocre taste of cheese in the cream foam was just on point! It was not too light till I could not taste anything nor is it too heavy that it will make my tummy feel upset.

I would drink it without mixing for the first half and then mixed the foam and tea together for the last half of the deink. I like it best when the foam and the tea is mixed together. What about you?

Besides their special drinks, there are also quaint little confectioneries to offer; the Chizu Cake and Cheese Tart. I did not give it a try but these pretty little things are selling for quite a price! RM6 per Chizu Cake and RM3 per Cheese Tart. If anyone has tried it, I'd love to know your thoughts on it!

However, they are currently having a promotion price for Chizu Cakes: 3 for RM15 / 5 for RM20. The price for 5 seems reasonable! Do plan a tea time with your friends and try out their variety of petite cakes! 

// Chizu Cake - RM6 per piece // 

// Cheese Tart - RM3 per piece //

// Chizu Drink Menu + Price //

If a cheesy cup is your drink, go get it now! Snap a selfie with your Chizu Drink and share it on your facebook with hashtag #chizuprivatejet for a chance to win 2 private jet tickets! Check out their facebook page for more info! Don't wait because contest runs till 30th April 2017!


a: Sunway Pyramid Mall, LG1.08A, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
h: 9.00am - 10.00 pm daily



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