Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Does anyone notice, Japanese gourmets are slowly flooding into Malaysia? It makes a Japanese Lover's heart flutter with much joy~  <3

Don't have the budget to fly to Japan and enjoy all the good food, it's all good because they are all coming to us! One of the recent most talked about is the air-flown fresh yummy cream from Châteraisé Patisserie Japan! How can a cream technique which has been under research and development since year 1964 not be raved about when it is finally in Malaysia! 

Let's dig in to the yum yumm~

Châteraisé Patisserie occupies just a small corner just on the right side of Isetan Supermarket. Initially, I thought it would be inside of the supermarket but it was not in vicinity until after I left the supermarket payment counter.

It is made up of a small enclosed area with window panel for storage and preparation of some pastries and almost the entire counter is made up of display chiller except the payment area.

There were people queuing up when I was there on a late afternoon. It was Monday but also a public holiday. Queue was not too bad but everything was selling fast! There wasn't much choices left for me to choose from.

There was no dine-in hence everything was packed in a take-away. It was really thoughtful that they put in ice-packs to keep the pastries in a chill condition but felt that it was packed a little cramped inside which kind of distorts the beautiful outlook of the pastries.

Here's a few pastried which I ended up with;

Fruit Roll - RM12.60. Love anything with fruits! Not sure if the fruits are air-flown in though. Strawberries did not taste sweet like the unforgettable ones I got while in Japan. The roll was light and enjoyable but did not create a lasting impression.

Crispy Chocolate Cake - RM14.80. One of the creamy cake I decided to try. It was a decent chocolate cake although I've not figured out why it was labelled crispy.. The cake layer was moist and soft as expected. Chocolaty taste was strong on top but not the bitter type, just very strong chocolate.

As I was just moving forward to the payment counter, I was greeted with more delicious pastries, pre-packed!

From left;
Fuwari Soft and Airy Bouchee - RM4.80
Japanese Sponge Cake (matcha) - RM4.80
Japanese Sponge Cake (ori) - RM4.80
Double Fantagy - RM4.80
Azuki Bean and Cream Cake - RM4.80

I like Matcha but I never fancy the combination of Matcha with Azuki beans. Unexpected, I actually quite enjoy my bite into the Azuki Bean Cream Cake. Favourite goes to the Fuwari Soft and Airy Bouchee. They have quite a short 'best before' period. So it's advisable to consume it soon after purchase!

I actually enjoyed these pre-packed cakes more than the Fruit Roll and Crispy Chocolate Cake but I will probably try the whole cake the next time.

Excited like it's my birthday! Haha.. Couldn't wait to taste them all, so we had coffee and chomp down the two cakes before we even left the mall. Yummy cream craving satisfied!

Here's me unboxing unwrapping all those prepacked for a foodporn photo shooting party! Pictures too pretty I cannot decide which to choose. So here's all for your eye buffet feast! <3

Lastly, to enjoy it with a yummy cup of Matcha Latte in serene atmosphere before work starts for the day. (:

Everything bills up to a total of RM51.40. Is it all worth it?

If I say, I will be going back for more, what say you?

Châteraisé  Patisserie Isetan KLCC

a: Isetan Concourse Floor Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
h: 10.00am – 9.30pm



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