Sunday, 22 May 2016

One of the changes blogging has brought me was to force myself out of my introvert comfort zone. To be honest, until now, people can still sense my shyness when they are aware of my quietness. Sometimes, it is not being shy to talk, but lost of words to speak of. 

I was never the model material although people might say I look like one, perhaps out of courtesy, perhaps just because of my height. However, I feel lucky to be able to at least experience this for a second time. (;

Without further a due, let's roll the negatives and get the photo shoot starting!

The photo shoot was done by three amazing photographers; Andrew, Kean Heng and Terence which have their very own unique styles. Hence, it can be seen from the photos that there are styles of dreaminess, couture, graceful and more.. Each photo bears the signature of each photographer. Should you fancy their photo shoot and photo editing styles, feel free to engage them on their facebook listed at the end of the photo. Some of the photos without signature are also by Andrew.

Bride hairstyle was by Bryan from Divo Hair Connection. His hands and services are always my safe choice of recommendation. The salon product range are also inclusive of organic and trusted brand products hence the price might be a little higher than most salon services. The price is not to fuss about because their products and services are worth what you pay for. :)

Simple at the front but feminine from the back. <3 These type of hairdo is what I call simple but elegant. Suitable for young adults as it does not look too matured.

This beautiful couture piece on me and two others as seen on and two friends,  as seen on my friends are from Wish Key. If you have the budget, you can have them create a new piece tailored to your style and individuality. Otherwise, you can still look for Wish Key and flip through their beautiful pieces available for rental.

Thanks Jenny for the beautiful makeup and arrangements needed to make this happen, Bryan from Divo Hair Connection for the hairdo, Wish Key for the couture gown and the amazing photographers; AndrewKean Heng and Terence.

Before I end this post, here's some fun pose different from the usual if you're looking to create some special memory of your style. :)

Another Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Gown: Wishkey

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  1. All the photos look so gorgeous! Babe you definitely can be a model

  2. Shooting for My wife is a gangster!.hah

  3. Loving the photo where all 3 of you were looking up on the staircase...We have the same photoshoot location! hehehhehe I did my vampire shoot there too...the swimming pool is really creepy and cool!!

    1. It's a really well known photography site I guess but yes, really creepy too!

  4. #teamdarkblue

    hahaha... love those photo...

  5. Wow.. sooo gorgeous!! really love it...

    1. Thanks! You can look for the mentioned sponsors to create a personal look for your special occasions too ^^