Thursday, 25 January 2018

Hi guys!

I hope you enjoy my previous post about hair bleaching without damaging your hair (if not, you can read all about it here) and finds it helpful! This time around, I would like to add-on a little and share the process of turning my half black, half bleached hair 😖😌😆 into a dreamy unicorn hair colour! *insert unicorn emoji*

So before I turn unicorn, I got to strip off all my dark colours in order to insert those beautiful dreamy unicorn colours into my hair. My hair went through 2 bleaching process! *face of horror* Well, fred not! With the addition of this magical ingredient called Olaplex, my hair condition is just fine! The stylist assured me that after bleaching, my hair condition will be just fine! If not better, will not be worse. Haha. Read about the magical Olaplex here.

Bleaching takes up hell a lot of time, so be prepared to seat till your bum bum bloom with a flower. 😆 Wonder how long it took me for 2 sessions of bleaching? Drop me a question below and I'll let you know! Hehe.

After much discussion with the Stylist, Nickfer, we decided on this colour grading combination; Purple -> Blue -> Ash Grey. I love the combination and can't wait to see what ti fades off to as well! 💖 Nickfer has put in a lot to create this colour as my hair was dye portion by portion segregation with foils. He probably almost used up everything in the salon and got a hand sore from this. 😂 Perhaps he will blacklist me from getting this hair dye again.

After hair dye, it's always good to coat my precious hair with a hair treatment. This time, my hair is pampered with the yummilicious O'right Yoghurt Treatment. The hair treatment mask is a mix between the Bamboo Moisturizing Hair Mask with lemon zest and it just smells so heavenly, it totally brings up the mood!

After application of hair mask and massage, a machine which generates nano mist was used to further immerse the mask into the hair strands for better result. You can see how it all works in the video embeded below.

Finally, it's almost done! Curls totally enhance the beauty of the colour gradient. It was such a pretty sight! All hard work and times spent sitting was worth it to create such beautiful colours! 

Interested to see the whole process for yourself, click play on the video below and enjoy! 😃

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If you ever want something like this or something stunning especially for the Chinese New Year which is approaching soon, call them up to set an appointment! Nickfer is the stylist you can definitely trust your tresses in! 💖

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them below! 

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