Friday, 22 December 2017

It's almost the end of the year and everyone is as busy as ever including myself but there are things which has to be done before the end of the year!

2017 Best Nine is that one thing on the list which I look forward to looking back! I hope I did not just confuse you! Hehe. What I meant is that at every end of the year, I look forward to generating my best nine instagram post collection

I don't know why I'm excited but yea, it makes me excited looking back. Maybe because I'm just a very nostalgic person. Hehe. So I'm gonna share and reminiscence about my best nine generated below! Join me, will you? <3 Come with me and I'll show you how you can generate your own Instagram 2017 Best Nine at the end of the post!

1. March 31, 2017.
This is like a 2 years throwback posted this year. Probably during one of the time I'm at my fairest skin. I really really miss Japan. I'm really longing to go back there some day! I had wanted to plan a visit next year in January but there's just too many road block on my plans. :(

Hopefully the time will come soon.

2. March 14, 2017.
Great hair and great complexion! Can't deny that it was a really good start this year but unfortunately, things have not been going so well till lately. Hopefully, I'll get a happy end before the New Year is here! *fingers crossed* 

3. April 19, 2017.
Some might see my work as something easy peasy but it is not. I'm really glad that we have online payment at this era to cut down on so many of my daily task. Can't imagine going to the bank physically for every transaction.

I would be begging you to kill me please with all the crazy queues in the bank!

4. March 10, 2017.
Truth to be told, my eating habit or the food that I consume was not of really nutritious since I started working in the cafe. For this, I'm really glad that my mom is here to tirelessly prepare and do all the foodie shopping for me. <3

Still, I love to eat out with mom if it's my off day. :) So she don't have to work at the kitchen but we can have a relaxing meal together ^^

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5. March 21, 2017.
Can't deny that the Shizens set that I've got is really <3 I love how it makes my skin looks healthy and dewy even with just a simple makeup! Watch my makeup video on my youtube channel if you have not! 

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6. May 14, 2017.
I wish this was the staircase to heaven. Just kidding.

There's many occasions that I've missed since beginning the journey two years ago. I even missed the celebration of mother's day with mom. Also, now that there's been a more physical distance between us, I think the times when I get to make her happy was so much lesser now. It has been my wish to always see her smile and be happy more everyday like there's no tomorrow. <3

7. November 22, 2017.
My first experience. I'm really glad to have tried these eyelash extensions at Daisuke Salon. Love how it gives me perfect eye shot with those natural mink lashes made to mimic the human eye's lashes. 

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8. March 5, 2017.
Trying our and enjoying one of the most raved Pablo Cheese Tart in Malaysia from Japan! The portion for the big tart is crazy huge, I guess my friends would not want to eat anymore oozing Cheese Tart because they would get so sick of it after eating too much. Hahaha.

3. March 7, 2017.
It was at this time that VR started getting a lot of attention and it was my first try! The view does look very surreal like we have been absorbed into the game. Have you ever tried it?

This is actually my favourite shot too together with a few other shot during the same event. I guess it is easy to show the glowing side when I'm happy and stress free!

There you go! Some of there photos are indeed my favourite of the year as well. Which one do you like best?

Now that's we're done with mine, I'll show you how you can generate / get your own 2017 Best Nine on Instagram? It's easy to share! Just follow the directions below~

1. Load site and enter your instagram handle / username which for e.g. mine would @tenshichn <3

Don't enter 'tenshichn' or else you will be getting my Nine Best of 2017 unless you want it for your wallpaper! Hahaha.

2. It might take sometime to generate. Roughly about 3 minutes because it's the year end and everyone wants to get their hands on their BestNine2017 Collection! So it is definitely wise to generate your now before it gets closer to the end of the year!

Go surf the net and come back shortly! It would have been ready by then!

3.Tadaa! So here it go! The #2017BestNine ready to be shared on instagram. So yes, this is how I generated my instagram 2017BestNine! When you have generated yours, do share on your instagram and leave your link on the comment below so that I can check it out too! <3

I hope everyone had a great 2017 and a better 2018  to look forward to!

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