Saturday, 10 September 2016

Made my way to Kong Heng Square on Monday (said to be open) looking for Ais Kepal from Bits & Bobs but was greeted with locked grills. Ironically, this is the only place to get it from around this area, Disappointed indeed. Not like it's something really amazing but it's simple joy like this which puts the smile on the kid within us. If you know what I mean..

Anyway, here's a brief walk through Kong Heng Square... They have little stall here and there all selling little gift, trinkets and souveniors.. Do browse through and who knows, you'll see something which you would want to bring back so dearly. :)

Selalu Locks, the Ipoh Town version of love locks! Lock and mark you love memory in this place with your loved ones! Get one for RM18 or 2 for RM30. I wonder how heavy this photo grill can withstand. *sweat face Haha..

Just so you know there's a barber here in case you need a haircut so suddenly. It's chic with the glass panel walls instead of just in some normal shop lot. I wonder if people just go in for a haircut.

Further inside, there's some boutiques inside selling clothes. Love how they preserve the old structures and yet made it operational as a recreational area. It is a waste a lot of heritage buildings in Kuala Lumpur was not preserved this way.

Little did I expect to see Plan B here. If you are looking for a fancier meal instead of the local stall and delicacies here, this is the place you should visit. Although with price tag on a heavier side, the environment is definitely comfortable and a great place to hang out.

The lazy book keeper overlooking a visitor registry book while dozing off... If you're a fan of the legendary Yasmin Yuusoff, you would perhaps like to drop by for a visit.

Similar to the Penang town, there's amazing mural drawings scattered all over the place. I especially like this because it has Marilyn Monroe on it, and very beautifully drawn as well. <3

This one is one of the seven drawn by Ernest Zacharevic around town.

It's a great sight seeing place around the Kong Heng Square with many must eat food, all withing a short walking distance. I would advice to find a place to park and just stroll all around here.

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Kong Heng Square

a: 99, Jalan Sultan Yussuf,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.

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