Tuesday, 8 May 2018

I wonder if any of you remember this brand. I mentioned about Organique and my love at first sight for their Lavender Lover Set Cream Series but then I didn't purchase the series because I still have tons of moisture lotion at home. Still, I could not really forget about it! Sometimes, the things you love or like, do not necessarily you have to purchase it for your own use. 😊

// Happy Mother's Day Mommy! //

Sometimes, it makes me happier to share the things I love with my loved ones. Is it the same for you too? If you have not tried it, you should definitely try doing so because I believe that when you give, you actually gained more in return! That's the happy feeling of giving, something which cannot be purchased. 

There is a specific day for every occasion, every celebration but for busy people, everyday can be a celebrated occasion when they have the time for it. It's not something to brag about but since I started with my busy work, I always felt that I've neglected and have so little time spent with mommy. Therefore, every time I have to be spent with mommy feels like a true blessing. This year, I decided to present her a little gift earlier. ^^

// My Mommy and her beautiful smile! //

To be honest, it is not always about the most expensive gift but the most meaningful gift and this year, I just want to give mommy something meaningful. Something she could really use but at the same time, is still a wonderful gift. I'm glad this time around, I found something wonderful for mommy.

// Organique Lavender Lover Set - Lavender Scented Body Cream + Hand Cream //

It's no other than the Organique Lavender Lover Set which I have been eyeing since last Christmas. Hehe. The set consist of a Lavender Scented Body Lotion + Lavender Scented Hand Lotion and I thought it would make a perfect gift for mommy this Mother's Day. It's useful for mommy for her skin care and the lovely scent is good for relaxing as well! Perfect! Don't you think so? Hehe..

// Applying Lavender Scented Hand Cream on Mommy //

// Applying Lavender Scented Hand Cream on Mommy //

I'm really glad she seems to love it and I was so happy to see her laughing and grinning so happily all the time when I pass her the gift set and when I applied the cream on her hand. Funny thing is right after I applied the hand cream, she told me she need to go masak (cook). 😂 If you still don't get it, it means she needs to wash off the cream I applied on. Lol.

// Organique Lavender Lover Set - Lavender Scented Body Cream + Hand Cream //

The Organique Lavender Cream set (RM88) consist of a Lavender Scented Body Cream 200ml (N/P:RM59) and a Lavender Scented Hand Cream 75ml (N/P:RM39)

I find the Lavender Cream set ideal and very beneficial for my mommy's skin because they consist of ingredients such as;
1. Olindum complex infuses with natural Olinda Spring water and lily extracts to deliver anti-oxidants and trace minerals that effectively repair, revitalise, soothe and protect the skin.
2. Macadamia nut oil & Shea butter both known as skin lipid barrier builders. Provides essential nutrients and trace elements that help moisturise and protect the skin producing a healthier and more robust skin appearance.
3. Aloe Vera and Licorice Root extracts help calm and smooth the skin, ideal for sensitive skin types.
4. Lavender Oil not only deep moisturises the skin, and also helps to smooth wrinkles, scars and dark spots.

// Lavender Scented Body Cream //

Personally, I have tried both the body cream and the hand cream before purchasing it as a gift for my mommy. I have applied the cream on my hand and parts of my arm for the whole day. It does not cause stickiness or turns oily overtime when applied evenly using moderate amount of cream which usually does not happen with cream applications. I did not experience any skin itchiness or sensitivity as well.

During the first application, it might felt like a thin layer of cream. As the cream sets on my skin, I can feel the smoothness on my skin surface. It was a natural smooth instead of greasiness kind of smooth. This, I felt that it was suitable for mommy because there was no residue greasiness which might cause discomfort during the time when mommy needs to work around.

I also love the light lingering Lavender aroma which stays for a while. I think it would help relaxes mommy as well to lifts up her mood every time she applies the cream.

Most importantly, there's the Lavender Oil which can smooth wrinkles and dark spots to make mommy look younger and healthier! <3

// Happy Mother's Day, mommy! ILY~ //

If you think this makes a great gift for your mommy too, you can grab this Organique Lavender Lover Set - Lavender Scented Body Cream + Hand Cream from Lazada (https://bit.ly/2IZTQuufor only RM88! This promotion is only in conjunction with Mother's Day for the Month of May! So don't miss it!

Organique in Lazada: https://bit.ly/2IZTQuu

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