Monday, 28 November 2016

Tawau Sang Nyuk Mee has become one of my favourite noodle dish since the day I was introduced to it! It was love at first sight. I probably had it first in Selangor but the stall owner moved away shortly after. I have also tried the original ones in Tawau. Although I could not remember vividly how it taste like, my brain keeps telling me it was so darn GOOD! Yes, it was VERY VERY good and it still makes me crave for it!

While looking for food at Kepong, my high school friend told me about Kim Hing Lee Sabah Sang Nyuk Mee. It definitely create sparks in my eyes immediately.

I ordered the Dry Beehoon + Mee set (RM9.00) while my partner have a try at the Soup Beehoon + Mee set (RM9.00) . The slices of pork taste smooth and tender soft, something you never get from the normal Pork Noodle in KL. The broth looks clear but it taste of rich pork broth with the right level of saltiness. 

You have got to try it to know what I meant about the pork meat and broth. That was what makes them authentic and different from other pork noodles.

However, I was quite disappointed by the noodles served. I am not sure if it was prepared by a less experienced staff but the noodles were overcooked, making them taste very soft thick. If they were al dente, the whole meal would be an almost perfect experience. Portion of noodles were also too much compare to normal soup noodles serving outside.

I added a plate of small plate of fish cake (RM7.50) to the meal. They taste springy and quite ordinary. Overall, their signature pork meat and broth was really good but it just lacks a good bowl of noodles to go with it.

My experience this time, feels like I had a half satisfied meal. Still, I would recommend to give it a try for the pork meat and broth. 

If you know any other place selling a good bowl of Sang Nyuk Mee, do let me know! I would definitely love to check it out!

Kim Hing Lee Sang Nyuk Mee @ Kepong

a: No. 7 Jalan 54 | Kepong, Kuala Lumpur 52100, Malaysia

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